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  • Ice ice baby #
  • Sangria <3 (@ Alexandra w/ 2 others) [pic]: #
  • I'm at NYC Gay Pride 2011 w/ @adamwcostello #
  • Going to #nycpride for the first in years. Not a fan of the crowds or heat but I want to celebrate and support marriage equality. So happy! #
  • I'm at The Black Swan (1048 Bedford Ave., btw Lafayette Ave & Clifton Pl, Brooklyn) #
  • BK bound #
  • woah “@nmillions: Yo Freelancers, Gravy Train! RT: Gothamist going to pay $5,000 for one long-form feature/month” #fb #
  • @nmillions haha, my friend @corvida is with me, saw yer tweet on my phone, and is following you now :p in reply to nmillions #
  • @nmillions Haha! Ditto. However, I can't ignore the way that leveraging my own "brand" has benefitted me. It's a fine line though, fo sho. in reply to nmillions #
  • @NicoDetourn Yeah! Do you use grooveshark? I love it for quick playlists in reply to NicoDetourn #
  • @nmillions that's my fav part too. hilarious in reply to nmillions #
  • AT&T gave 386k to members of the house tea party caucus in 2010, incl. Michele Bachmann's campaign #
  • <3 “@palafo: Rachel Maddow points out that New York State has no residency requirement for marriage.” #
  • <3<3<3“@LambdaLegal: Our statement on #NYSenate 33 to 29 passage of #marriage equality bill #lgbt #ny4m” #
  • #nowplaying Michael Jackson - Rock With You #
  • [Awesome photo essay of ppl at Orchard Beach in the BX] Hot Town, Summer in the City via @motherjones #
  • I can comfortably say that the only website run by ladies that makes me smile everyday is @motherjones #
  • @xojanedotcom's "tech" content makes me :/ hope they hire more writers w diverse skills... bleah i'm never the demo anyway #
  • The mobile version of this "Forbes 100 list for women" is a hot mess. Broken links, weird formatting. Will read later” #
  • Snaps: Storm Trooper Art #starwars #
  • Haha! You wrong. When are you going to come see me? :P RT @OliveTonic Damn. this is east ny gotta get out b4 sundown. #
  • 0_0 omg crazy day. What are you up to this weekend, guys? #
  • I have favorited so many tweets w/cool links this week to read this weekend. twitter cont. 2 B my lazy bookmarking tool. #
  • Really upset that I missed foster parent training tonight. Going to prowl NYC streets + scowling until I see something funny & cheer up. #
  • I'm going to a Meetup with SocialTV NYC #
  • My precious #
  • @darkblackink Great job with this week's @4thforever infographic for @current! #intern #props #
  • Sometimes a lot of rain is bad, mmmkay #
  • Hazard of working from home today: got glass in my foot, then got same piece in my finger while taking it out :/ #aaooowwwwch #
  • WTF RT “@syntheticzero: Very disturbing: Apple developing technology to let corporations disable your iPhone camera” #
  • @wired I'm surprised that the comics feature in latest issue 19.07 didn't mention #
  • LOL! Fiona Apple is contender for most intense video face RT @OliveTonic @dcap i didn't know there was video! so intense, she's staring @ me #
  • @mun2 thanx! i have an iphone 4 and am w Verizon, if that helps. texts came one after the other in rapid succession. it's happened twice b4 in reply to mun2 #
  • #nowplaying Fiona Apple - Across The Universe [The Beatles Cover] #
  • @mun2 this morning i received 9 of the same text alerts from you for Daily Dos :/... this has happened before as well. are you fixing? #
  • @minchovega me too! i may need to go to LA just to see it :/ in reply to minchovega #
  • @syntheticzero we're getting rid of 5 POINTZ and then brooklyn museum cancels the graff exhibit? damn shame. in reply to syntheticzero #
  • @lizgallo totally suspect. after politicians complained they suddenly canceled citing $ issues. 2 detriment of diverse arts representation in reply to lizgallo #
  • Boo! “@nytimes: Citing Finances, Brooklyn Museum Cancels Plans for Graffiti Art Exhibit” #
  • cool! “@shawndecker Spoke w teens 2day 4 Planned Parenthood workshop; focused on healthy relationships & how pol w/ HIV can have them too" #
  • lame! RT “@MediaStorm: Not available in FCP X: XML, EDL, multicam, ability to open FCP 7 projects. -eric” #
  • @MsMichelle “@CPTAlaska: Im an army officer developing homeless veteran initiative in Va for the Governor (summer)-any1 you can refer me 2?” #
  • :/ “@nydailynews: CUNY and SUNY to raise tuition fees Read @AndrewTantaros on rising college costs” #
  • Yum #
  • where "recommend" works better than "like" on article social integration RT @Mediabistro Gannett Cuts 700 Employees #
  • I'm going to a Meetup with Transmedia New York City Meetup #
  • @filmfuturist are you at @g4c2011 today? :( i'm not. i'll be there again tomorrow though. thanks for tweeting ish in reply to filmfuturist #
  • WOAH. #
  • nom (@ The Path Cafe) #
  • Super 8: Bootleg E.T. w a slightly scarier alien. Tried to be like Goonies meets Batteries Not Included, failed. Hokey B.S. Disappointed. #
  • Vanguard investigates the "Gateway to #Heroin on @current TV now! #
  • Horrible pic, but that's Keith on @current live! #
  • @shananaomi hey I was just referred to as "shana east." I take that as an enormous compliment ;) #
  • I'm at The Village Tavern (46 Bedford St, at 7th Avenue, New York) #
  • #g4c2011 Great day today. Looking forward to tomorrow's AM sessions. Now, off to celebrate @CountdownKO premiere tnite with @current peeps! #
  • #g4c2011 glad we are covering assessment/measuring impact methodologies for pro-social games #
  • The @KnightFdn reimbursed biz participating in @maconmoney. Great start but sustainable, scalable models for other cities? #G4C2011 #
  • Yes! Great point re military & games RT “@MsMichelle: @dcap @g4c2011 not just training, but recruiting!” #G4C2011 #
  • #g4c2011 Until today, I never thought about how social impact games could help revitalize the economy (Macon Money) #
  • #g4c2011 ooo! will def check out later. thinking about my educator friends and how they use games to reinforce concepts #
  • #g4c2011 next up: Macon Money case study. Knight Foundation funded this game for residents of Macon, Georgia #
  • Lol @nickfortugno makes great branding point -- what if basketball was called "teen fitness game" #G4C2011 #
  • #g4c2011 What I have not yet heard 2day: convos re: funding models for indie pro-social games. Maybe I missed or perhaps tomorrow? #
  • @JAlbor I think so, if it's built into the workflow and each phase of the dev cycle #G4C2011 in reply to JAlbor #
  • #g4c2011 "make transparent your design assumptions" - Karen Schrier #
  • #g4c2011 just reviewed how goals and ethical pov change in-game based on small alterations through a game with participants (I lost :( ) #
  • #g4c2011 I hope we discuss how the military is using games to train soldiers and the ethical complexities #
  • #g4c2011 riffing on designing games for ethics workshop, I'm curious about using real data in-game to explore abortion rights-related issues #
  • @DouglasCrets no, right now I'm the lead online producer for @4thforever but everyone at @current is excited for @CountdownKO today :) in reply to DouglasCrets #
  • #g4c2011 so many games based on wikileaks already I'm discovering -- must play those later :D #
  • @DouglasCrets I meant to say @countdownko :) sun frazzled. It premieres tonight on @current. Tx 4 ur link, I'll read later in reply to DouglasCrets #
  • A man asked me if I had a dollar on his beer. I declined but we chatted about his chef days b4 being homeless. Cool convo, back to #G4C2011 #
  • Tx for this & including mine RT “@DouglasCrets: Here is a roundup of relevant tweets from @algore keynote at #g4c2011” #
  • Between sessions at #g4c2011 #
  • #g4c2011 Great time at EVOKE case study. Next up for me at 4:30: Designing Games For Ethics. For now I'm going to go chill by the fountain #
  • #g4c2011 happy that EVOKEs next steps are to partner with orgs to take tangible steps and to scale gameplay for other communities #
  • #g4c2011 what are effective models for translating community consensus in a pro-social game to measurable, real-world change? #
  • Yup, 1 element of it. But focused on discovering/adding/sharing related data “@krash63: @dcap like a curation game? #g4c2011 € #wikileaks #
  • #g4c2011 would be awesome if a co. developed a game that helped everyday people mine through/contextualize wikileaks :D #
  • I agree. It's subjective. All games are serious -- to their fans. “@warndt: "Serious Games" is such a terrible term #G4C2011 € #
  • #g4c2011 How can social games like EVOKE inspire Americans to learn more about and participate in next year's election? Cut through noise? #
  • #g4c2011 I think mainstreamed games w potential 4 real-world social impact could draw many new users who see gaming as a waste of time #
  • #g4c2011 many topics 2day covering in-game experiential best practices & innovation can B applied 2 many site goals (retention, design, etc) #
  • #g4c2011 Happy Path described by EVOKE creators during dev: approximation of amount of time & steps people take in-game for the first time #
  • #g4c2011 at EVOKE case study, wondering how U.S. Census could use data gathering via social gaming to impact at-risk communities #
  • #g4c2011 "What if learning was less about accumulating dry facts and more about embarking on an incredible adventure?" #
  • #g4c2011 at the EVOKE case study, a game for collaboratively solving world's greatest problems #
  • ... today I'm covering #g4c2011 @algore is the keynote! Catch the livestream here: (2 of 2) #
  • I'm excited about 2 things today. First: @CountdownKO premiere is TONIGHT on @current 8/7c. You won't want to miss this. AND... (1 of 2) #
  • @mewcomm I'm torn. I fantasize about grad school but cost is intimidating. Also I'm happy w my career. But I agree, education is important. in reply to mewcomm #
  • I had fun playing with all the keyboards at Best Buy in Union Square today. I am getting a piano this year, I miss who I am when I play #
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