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  • I'm going to try out @BikramEHarlem everyday this week. #
  • If your network isn't working for you, upgrade your network. The time you spend complaining cld be used to help others & make new contacts. #
  • Yup, resched'ing this week, will send you deets RT @laurenthedark @dcap Are you still trying to hit up the incubator? #
  • .@sree's Storify recap is fun to read: Social Media One-Night Stand Dec 2011 #cjsm #
  • .@elbloombito doubling class sizes w uno maestranos is estupido idea #
  • "What's so amazing that keeps us stargazing and what do we think we might see?" #
  • THIS RT @danamo Trying to grab hold/Of what you can't control/Now you gonna floss/What a sight to behold #Lauryn #
  • mm gym naked is rarely hot RT @corvida "The gym is for hanging out, seeing people naked, and chillin in a sauna." - @laurenthedark (LOL!!) #
  • RT @KeithOlbermann My Scott Olsen interview tonight: #ows #occupyoakland via @CountdownKO #
  • THIS RT “@baratunde: No matter what city you're visiting you can find an #occupy It's like a franchise. It's like McDonalds!!” #
  • LOL!! “@JamilahLemieux: Stop breakdancing in the club. It's the year 2011 of our Lord, son. Nobody recruiting for Rock Steady up in here.” #
  • Yes, prolonged horn use will make the traffic on the FDR go away, guy. Yer a portrait of brilliance... #formetopoopon #
  • Hi @mitwilli, welcome to @Current! Everyone else, check out our new Social Media Manager. #
  • Ha! @YouTube looks like @Facebook now! That's not entirely true, it's just what my brain immediately told me. #firstimpressions #
  • iPhone/iPad mobile link to watch @facebook announcement happening now #
  • Welcome to my 30+ new followers who found me via #cjsm I tweet about tech, social media, activism, @poczineproject, subcultures & music. #
  • .@sirmichael @sree Here's a great @fastcompany interview with @BluefinLabs CEO @dkroy in reply to sirmichael #
  • MUPPET TIME (@ Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX w/ 6 others) #
  • #cjsm I've had a fab time but there's a Muppet movie calling my name. Bye! Great convo! #
  • #cjsm Ha! @corvida Why are you still up on the screen? #freepromo #
  • #cjsm @corvida is a boss and the best thing you can do to improve your life tonight is follow her ;) #
  • #cjsm Subscribe earned me 1500 new followers in less than a month. I'm enjoying using FB as another brand extension + profess development #
  • #cjsm you can get timeline right now through a hack, google it #
  • TY, let's KIT “@Crowdbooster: @dcap we plan to help u remind u to interact with top followers, but as far as giving rewards, not yet. #cjsm € #
  • TY, do u offer for Twitter? RT “@Crowdbooster: @dcap reward campaigns. tool called @booshaka that helps u with that on the Fb side. #cjsm € #
  • #cjsm @Crowdbooster my question was re: tools for executing reward campaigns within platform for influential followers, not just direct TYs #
  • tx :) RT “@AndrewWadium: @dcap Awesome question. Thanks! #cjsm (PS Green Day Rules!)” #
  • . @sree @sirmichael are there any parallels btwn @socialflow & bluefin re: fan chatter informing programming strat, in terms of tools? #cjsm #
  • #cjsm noise is why it shd be mandatory for all journos 2 mk brand management a priority. metrics will improve when readers care more about u #
  • not if yer cultivating an engaged community “@DanBlank: 250 million Tweets a lot of competition 2 get your message heard. @sirmichael #cjsm € #
  • Ditto, let's KIT I have many questions for you :) RT “@Cyndi497: @dcap What an intriguing profile! Nice to virtually meet you... #cjsm € #
  • #cjsm @tcpuente hi, let's meet tonight! #
  • a bit, but speaker related “@alexandrasl: I'm learning some new things at #cjsm but am I only 1 feeling like were being "sold" new products? #
  • #cjsm I spoke to @gregory about a muckrack app and will send him a mockup next week ;) #yerwelcome #
  • #cjsm @proliphiq won't be successful unless news orgs & journos actively utilize it, IMHO. curious about utility and scale in the long term #
  • ha, no worries RT “@napril1023: @dcap.... That question was ALL you. #cjsm € #
  • #cjsm journos are also manually curating lists on Facebook of credible sources, another resource. Look up Social Journalism, private group #
  • #cjsm beyond @klout and @proliphiq, journos and tech leaders are manually curating influential circles to follow on g+, worth tracking all #
  • #cjsm what are the advantages of @proliphiq over @klout? Do they work together? #
  • #cjsm @gregory Will you release a muckrack iphone/android app next year? I know plenty of journos and PR folks who would use it. I would! #
  • #cjsm muckrack is definitely a great PR tool as well for PR vets and new hires looking to build contacts #
  • hi! far left. blue eyeliner. next to @Corvida from @ted “@LaToyaReports: Hey @dcap. Where are you sitting? #cjsm € #
  • #cjsm I interviewed @gregory earlier this year about the future of the @shorty awards for @current, I'm excited about 2012! #
  • #cjsm ex: at @current, talent and staff twitter accounts aren't micro-managed with rigid policies. We communicate & establish guidelines #
  • #cjsm ex: at @mtvnews, writer/producer Twitter accounts are frequently promoted on @MTV and #
  • #cjsm I know journos who have one account or two (one personal, one tied to their job). Do what works for you and your employer #
  • #cjsm net neutrality, privacy and free speech are all factors tied to this g+ re org #
  • #cjsm Google and Verizon are pushing legislation that if unchecked could severely compromise mobile startups and broadband access #
  • #cjsm it's noteworthy that two bills are being considered right now tied to the social web that threaten free speech, google it #
  • #cjsm the people I know leading social and community at news orgs/media outlets started in their teens, so 25 to me is not young anymore #
  • not anymore “@ChrisBoese: @dcap 25 is young?! LOL! good one. Some of us were doing social media in the 1990s, blogged thru 9/11 etc. #cjsm #
  • 25 is young? “@ChrisBoese: how Craig @ckanal gets to be a big boss at NBC. Is youth a requirement? #cjsm € #
  • Nice to meet @ckanal - new social media head at @nbc - in person after months of FB interactions #cjsm cc @sree #
  • #cjsm @Corvida is taking notes on PAPER?? I'm shocked. #
  • Cool! Will be nice to see you again :) “@gregory: Getting ready to present the new @MuckRack at #cjsm Find me [pic]:” #
  • Cabbing it to meet @Corvida at Social Media One-Night Stand class with @sree. #cjsm #
  • I would buy .jesus, .nyc and .xxx #icann #
  • I'm curious about gov involvement RT “@lheron: Cuban version of Facebook quietly launched a few days ago via @dcap” #
  • #nowplaying Across the Universe - I want to hold your hand #
  • This! #cjsm RT @laurenthedark If ur a journalist & use Twitter solely 2 RT news from ur respective outlet, I don't want 2 say "die" but... #
  • *invites herself* RT @corvida @laurenthedark @laidbackchick I was going to suggest we all go for lunch on Saturday. Thoughts? #
  • Be sure to say hi if you see me! I'll do the same. RT @janafitzgerald @dcap me too! really looking forward to it #cjsm #
  • Do you ever sort of softly scream to yourself when the audio for commercials on YouTube is unbearably loud? #ido #
  • #nowplaying The Beatles - Obladi Oblada #
  • I've been neglecting my emails. If you're someone who's reached out to me, I apologize for the delay. Following up today/tomorrow. :-) #
  • Psyched about taking @sree's "Social Media One-Night Stand" workshop with @corvida at @columbiajourn on Thurs: #cjsm #
  • LOL RT @Vidalia: #LULZ that LAPD r saying they're in hazmat suits bcuz a bunch of Occupiers got LICE & they have 2 deal w "hygene problems" #
  • You can't kill an idea. You can't destroy a leaderless movement. As long as people unite, things WILL change -- are changing RIGHT NOW. #ows #
  • Here's another angle at #OccupyLA from the outside #
  • #LAPD scanner listen live #OccupyLA #
  • 4am appears to be the perfect time to organize for @poczineproject + watch #OccupyLA livestream Mobile revolution! #
  • RE: previous tweet, I don't care. It feels like Monday again, so dancing is a must. #
  • It's Monday. It's raining (in NY). But if u can hear this, I want u 2 quit yer bitchin AND DANCE UNTIL YR DOME EXPLODES #
  • literally ROTFL RT @katefanfan I'm really hungry but this train smells like it's full of corpses. (Amtrak problems) #
  • Fair enough RT @HarperPerennial @dcap if all you want is book release details, you're probably better off going to our website #
  • [great resource] #SWC11 Storyworld Conference Day Two (Part 1) #
  • .@rachelsterne Thanks for reading! I added a 4th long-term suggestion a the bottom of the post re: comments & engagement. in reply to rachelsterne #
  • .@HarperPerennial No worries, I'm merely confused by your tone & tweet goals. You share more personal minutiae than book release details. #
  • Twitter tip: There's a difference btwn creating a casual tone 4 the co. you rep & confusing ppl w tweets reading like an internal monologue #
  • Twitter tip: Unless you have over 100k followers, it's unrealistic 2 expect ppl 2 go 2 your page to make sense of fragmented tweets of info #
  • That's not how Twitter works, unless you include a (1 of x) note. It's a stream of info RT @HarperPerennial @dcap see the tweet before that. #
  • OK, but this is Twitter? RT @HarperPerennial my goal is to post to this tumblr every day. #
  • small + significant changes DOITT should implement by 1/12 cc @rachelsterne @nycdigital @@NYCDoITT in reply to nycdigital #
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