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  • *cackles w delight* RT “@FEVERZINE: Is Lisa Simpson a feminist icon? Whether u agree, this zine looks pretty awesome:” #
  • Cool RT @coolhunting: Knitwear designs from @natalierachel graph the success of Etsy's online marketplace #
  • I want this book "Skull Style" so much <3 #
  • lmao aaaaaaand we're done RT “@KaosBlac: @dcap I have the body of a teen.” #
  • Lol not interested ;) Teen? Yes. A few over time. RT “@KaosBlac: @dcap You can always adopt an adult...cough.” #
  • Mom's making me french toast, bacon, country potatoes b4 I fly 2 NYC 2day. She reminds me yr never 2 old for a mom, why I'm adopting a teen. #
  • LOL RT “@SteveMartinToGo: Ugly palm tree blocks my ocean view.” #
  • Ok enough #nhdebate grossness. Time to purge my soul with Wall-E #
  • Smh at @MTV not mentioning anything about #NHDebate so far. Would it kill you to remind the youth? And no live tweeting from @mtvnews? #
  • #nhdebate Ron Paul is the least crazy GOP candidate but is still racist and ok with poor people dying with no health insurance so... #
  • #nhdebate Mitt Romney's long ramble on gay marriage just means if you're gay, and vote for him, you fail at life. #
  • Mitt Romney would overturn roe v wade if he could. So, if you vote for him and you know me, stop knowing me right now. #
  • LOVE: #happybirthdayzora So many great personal stories on how this seminal author/activist changed lives #
  • ... And for those not clear on the obvious factors of how POC are oppressed, google it. But too often we crucify our own ppl to make a point #
  • Aside from obvious factors, people of color continue to be oppressed because too often we fixate on hurting each other. How movements derail #
  • .@drgoddess I wasn't implying you don't do that already :) Take care in reply to drgoddess #
  • .@drgoddess @toure I admire u both. Wish ud collab 2 replace what yr hashing publicly w st that has a positive impact on poc youth. Goodluck #
  • +1 RT @NoamChomski Entertaining commercials are effectively stealing human culture and creativity & injecting it into brands and products #
  • THIS RT “@kellyoxford: Overheard a hipster say his infant son's name was "Yoshi" so I lit his beard on fire.” #
  • ... I would enjoy seeing @Toure and @drgoddess engage in a respectful honest convo about race/identity on @PBS, @current or @cnnbrk. #
  • This public smear campaign between @drgoddess and @Toure may be enlightening but it's still embarrassing and sad. #
  • Me too! RT @writegrrrl: Somethings never change: I struggle getting up early during the week and look forward to it on the weekends #
  • until launches. Good idea. #
  • "noooo time for looooooosers, cuz we are the champioooooons, of the wooooorld" #goodmorning #
  • For the record, more prominent black or gay members in GOP is only progress for the party to defend their legislation that hurts gays & poc #
  • How can any poc or gay person choose GOP #yourpartyhatesyou RT @gregvarnum 1st gay, black GOP mayor takes office in NJ #
  • FINALLY!! #stoprape Federal Crime Statistics to Expand Rape Definition: #
  • This web series "The Couple” is hilarious, especially the "bed side" episode cc @corvida #
  • Converse obsession could lead to world record cc @corvida #
  • "Just SAT": The best way to dismiss a fool #dcapurbandictionary #
  • those ppl need to SAT RT @jayrosen_nyu been getting many versions of all time, #1 most common reply tweeted @ me: "And this surprises you?' #
  • THIS, EVERYTHING: On Making Space for A Creative Life, Happiness and a Day Job via @kylaroma #
  • Before you spend a ton of money taking digital production classes, try a trade/barter w someone who does it for a living. You'll learn more #
  • :) RT @keyboardP @dcap That's a front page tweet right there. / @brandonfoy #
  • You know, @reddit people are pretty damn cool. They remind me of what I first loved about the Internet. #
  • TY for sharing this RT @BritniDWrites Pitbull Samples Jay-Z & Kanye West For ‘Latinos In Paris’ #
  • I wonder if @kanyewest thinks about how news & entertainment destinations profit from his tweets/keep ppl employed? Maybe that's the point? #
  • [<3] Out-of-School Time Drawing Girls Into STEM via @educationweek #
  • THIS: "Relentless and cynical traffic-trawling is bad for the soul. Yes, I just said that." - Nick Denton, Gawker Media #
  • Hm! RT “@mashable: Nikon Debuts New Flagship DSLR, the D4, on Eve of CES -” #
  • ha! RT “@azipaybarah: "if u want to b a journo, don't study journalism" said @fud31. "i can teach it 2 u in an hour...emulate Toto the dog" #
  • Wow! Share w your friends RT “@youthjournalism: Tell your #journalism #teacher, #adviser about this:” #
  • SMDH RT “@LEBassett: This is insanity. State GOP lawmaker apologizes for email calling Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"” #
  • +1 RT “@axelalonsomarv R train this am, saw a woman lovingly wipe drool off her sleeping bf's lips then give me a knowing nod, like "'Sup?"” #
  • Lol RT @jenstatsky I know I like some1 if I scroll 10 pages thru their Tumblr. I know I fucking hate some1 if I scroll back nymore than that #
  • "It's not easy to beat down a fool and still look *singsong voice* cute aS a butTOn" - Reginald the koala #
  • Twitter pet peeve: Journalists who ask for info on story facts they can easily get on their own #openanothertabandgoogleitdamnit #itsyourjob #
  • when everything is connected to it it will be RT “@PBSMediaShift: Vinton G. Cerf: Internet access is not a human right #
  • Thought you said an ice cube lol RT “@jdsamson: just had to turn down doing a panel with just ice cube and myself. :( maybe next time...” #
  • ha :) RT “@hnigatu: yo this new version of google analytics is the shiiiit!” #
  • .@ainaabiodun hi artist formerly known as @filmfuturist! can't wait to see you after 1/8, let's hang out. happy new year chica #
  • you rock! RT @goodglobalcitiz Amazing school visit. 40+ 10yr old girls asking re: editing, filmmaking, script dev, & tech toys. Pics 2 come! #
  • @Jewyorican Excellento! ;) We can turn our hangout after Jan 8 into 1/2 hangout, 1/2 me mining your brain. I'll holler in reply to Jewyorican #
  • .@Jewyorican Hey can I interview you for It's my little pet project and I want to start including rad Q&As. #
  • .@elbloombito beforo you worko for @foursquare, por favor get some trabajoing laptops and el Interneto inside all nyc escuelas, gracias. #
  • .@pbsmediashift i always tell young ppl 2 go 2 school/finish their degree but i know that 4 some a DIY/entrepreneur path = most advantageous #
  • .@pbsmediashift For example, learning to code can transform your life/put you in another income bracket. U don't need a degree to do that. #
  • .@pbsmediashift The cost of a private university is out of reach for many. DIY/edupunk tactics are crucial to sustaining the economy. #
  • .@pbsmediashift Students need to be proactive/create their own opportunities becuz a degree guarantees nothing. You make yr own life. (2/2) #
  • .@pbsmediashift Also, economy aside, many college grads have no idea how to network or get a job. Their schools have failed them. (1/2) #
  • .@PBSMediaShift My real problem is with the notion that education ends with a piece of paper. That limits you professionally and creatively. #
  • .@PBSMediaShift Granted, I wouldn't want someone operating on me who didn't go 2 med school. But many industry titans never finished college #
  • In many cases, yes. RT @PBSMediaShift PBS ...are self-directed accomplishments as valuable as college degrees? #
  • Nice to be back for a while (@ Current TV) #
  • THIS RT “@ScratchSays: 400 Years of Diary Excerpts written by people who’ve lived in New York City via @nprfreshair” #
  • hm! RT “@PointFoundation: Harvard Considering LGBT Option in Admissions Applications -” #
  • @MonsieurCS @hnics85 BOOM. The opera will never be the same -- for the ppl next to us who hear me sing along in my "opera voice" in reply to MonsieurCS #
  • .@laurenthedark ok lady, let's do this. i'll reschedule a tour in reply to laurenthedark #
  • .@Hnics85 Cool, let's make it happen when I'm back in town after 1/8. I'll email you some options :D #operatime in reply to Hnics85 #
  • I've been working in Cali. Let's go after 1/8 RT “@laurenthedark: @dcap Did you ever make it out to the Bronx incubator?” #
  • let's go RT “@Hnics85: I want to go to the opera. Who wants to go?” #
  • No disrespect to those that do, but I will never put a company icon on my personal Twitter avatar. My identity is not for sale. #
  • THIS <3: New Bronx charter school will use technology to  expose kids to  international cultures in the classroom #
  • done! ;) RT “@ShaunaReporter: @dcap i'll give you a dollar if you follow me back. LOL! ^_^ jk, but I would be honored if you did!” #
  • wow. steals & no apology. classy RT “@chescaleigh: thx for all support. @perezhilton removed vid instead of linking original/crediting me” #
  • smh RT “@chescaleigh: hey guys! I need yr help! @perezhilton STOLE my vid "Shit white girls say...2 black girls" & uploaded it to his site!” #
  • whew! ;) see ya tomorrow <3 RT “@quirkyknitgirl: @dcap As long as it didn't talk back, you're still sane. ;)” #
  • There's a little goldfish in my hotel room and I spent a good 20 min today talking to it. #
  • 100% agree RT “@AkinahR: Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.” #
  • lmfao *wipes eyes* RT @ElBloombito: Buenos noche moono. Buenos noche roomo. Buenos noche combo y brusho. Buenos noche bowlo fullo of caviar #
  • SF bound (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 121 others) #
  • Girlfriend 101: Call her when she's sick #
  • Niche cuts thru noise RT “@brianstelter: Most-valued channels in 2011: Discovery, Weather Channel, Animal Planet, Food #
  • amazing RT “@LatinaAfricana: Radical Black Reading 2011” #
  • +1 RT “@jennyslate25: Lol ITMAKES ME SO MAD WHEN SOMEBODY TELLS ME TO CHILL:):):):):):) xoxolol #YOUFuckingCHILL OK? #ImTheChillest #RAGE” #
  • LA Times & Arkadium recently signed deal making over two dozen games available to visitors of Was this for baby boomers? #
  • Orale, homes RT @Hnics85 @dcap lol the Latino (girls). I was out of characters #
  • @Hnics85 LOL "the latino" that one muchacho? in reply to Hnics85 #
  • I miss @am_nyc a lot and I will be seeking her out first thing when I'm back in NYC. I LOVE YOU ALICE <3 #grrrlfrenz #
  • I want it too! RT @FatCapLT Now that I have an iPhone I want a @fatcap app. @fatcapsyd how's that going? #
  • it was grrrl ;) RT @sarahsl8r Sounds like the best New year's Day ever :D // RT @dcap Driving to the beach, Bratmobile on blast #
  • RT @ohteenquotes Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words. #
  • Here's my first blog post for @TYTonCurrent. If it helps you understand the GOP candidates better, let me know! Cheerio #
  • I'll be in LA for two more days, then off to SF for more work. I'm loving the sun and change of scenery. I want more of that in 2012. #
  • .@Soledad_OBrien Congrats on #startingpoint I'm excited to watch! You inspire me. Thank you. in reply to Soledad_OBrien #
  • Be kind to me/or treat me mean/I'll make the most of it/I'm an extraordinary machine #
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