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  • I have an aversion to labels in general but #queerchat has been interesting to follow, thanks. #
  • .@katebornstein wear what makes u feel confident/sexy :) 4 me= red lip tint, black eyeliner. It's cold in NYC so cute warm hats 2 #queerchat in reply to katebornstein #
  • .@supermattachine Ha! Frustrating when masculine presenting females get more respect than me on our dates. Male privilege = funny #queerchat in reply to supermattachine #
  • #queerchat when my partner & I R @ dinner n she's dressed more "stud," servers put the bill on her side, even if I'm holding my card out o_0 #
  • Who else has faced maddening mystery of iTunes giving you some1 else's account name, logging out/new pword not fixing, so can't update apps? #
  • Did someone say steak? #cosign RT “@corvida: @laurenthedark Sounds like a plan @dcap @BrooklynOnRye” #
  • RE: My previous tweet, martyrdom/role of women around the world makes me question how a woman killing herself truly facilitates justice. #
  • how does suicide help yr living son? RT @mahmood Bahraini woman dies after setting fire 2 hrslf protesting son's arrest #
  • .@Semilion Thanks so much for working with Yoachily today! You rock! People, check out his work: #
  • Activism isn't hard. 2day set up student with @countdownko designer 2 learn about on-air graphics. Try it at yr job! #
  • Ah! TY RT @muckrack @dcap We'll look into ASAP. (Our software automatically follows journalists we add to Muck Rack, so probably a bug.) #
  • did @muckrack just follow me, unfollow me, then follow me again? breaking news: @muckrack conflicted about @dcap!!! #
  • jelly RT @goodglobalcitiz The friday nite place 2 be in grand cayman. @ericripert & @NoReservations manning bbq pits. #
  • .@OliveTonic yer my fav foodie asshole #
  • @OliveTonic Quit making me hungrier than I already am with your food pron in reply to OliveTonic #
  • Saturday Night Live's Stefon has a Yelp Page via @NewYorkObserver #teehee #
  • Cool! RT @scraigwatkins Spent the week working w high schoolers in a Tech Apps class. Exploring design/dig media/hands-on learning this year #
  • @laurenthedark that is rad and i'll share in reply to laurenthedark #
  • @daughterphoenix nah i've just seen about 10-20 "i love content"-type comments lately, fingernails on blackboard to my soul in reply to daughterphoenix #
  • ;) like qualify it, damn RT “@nsharona: HA! RT @dcap You love content? That's like saying you love "stuff." It sounds ridiculous.” #
  • .@laurenthedark I truly want to see that happen #isthatweird in reply to laurenthedark #
  • nice RT @laurenthedark only good reason 4 me 2 learn Spanish = appear as extra in Almodóvar film. W Gael Garcia Bernal. Naked. In Jell-O #
  • You love content? That's like saying you love "stuff." It sounds ridiculous. #
  • Promote yourself all you want, @McDonalds. I'm not biting #seewhatididthere #
  • Legendary LA Chicano transgendered performer Robert Cyclona Legorreta on early years/impact of AIDS in GLBT community #
  • Still not clear how cab drivers who don't know basics of getting around NYC get licensed. Not my job to be GPS. Weird entitlement/guy crap. #
  • rad! saw it in LA RT “@harlempridenyc: 'Pariah' OPENS IN HARLEM TODAY! (1/13/12) #vr4smallbiz € #
  • Homeless Teen Named Finalist in Prestigious Intel Search | NBC New York via @nbcnewyork #
  • +1 RT“@lilysea Hey Newt, gay adoption isn't necessarily "secular" (even if that's a bad thing). My gay-adopted kids go 2 church every Sunday #
  • Zoot suit riot! Here's my roundup of zoot suit and youth cultural studies resources on "Oh, Mija": #
  • Sloppy Tweet spammers: Do I LOOK like I "need a website to get laid"? #helloimawoman #searchquery-drivenspamattacksbasedononewordarestupid #
  • There are still women walking around in 2012 not defending themselves or pursuing goals out of fear of being called a bitch. That needs 2 go #
  • Remember: "Well-behaved women rarely make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Embrace "bitch" as the wimpy little swat from a sad person. #
  • The word "bitch" is the achilles heel for far too many women. Gut the power out of that lame word, throw it into space, laugh. It's nothing! #
  • I laugh when women get mad at men who call them bitches. Don't give your power away. Hand them a thesaurus and keep it moving. #
  • To me, a real bitch is a coward and that applies to all genders. Cowardice 2 be a real parent. Cowardice to be accountable. Those R bitches #
  • Not only that, literal definition of bitch=not even offensive. Female dog. Waah. That's a dumbass insult. Up yr vocab/dazzle w yr adjectives #
  • Your logic implies that some women are bitches and others are not. WRONG. We all bitch sometimes. As do you #message 2/2 #
  • It irks me that I have to make this announcement in 2012: Men, pls refrain from breaking women into two categories: women and bitches. 1/2 #
  • .@nipseyhussle my point being that "woman"/"women" inclds the people you consider to be bitches and they need education just as much as rest #
  • .@nispeyhussle my point being that "woman"/"women" inclds the people you consider to be bitches and they need education just as much as rest #
  • Bitches need t most education tho RT @NipseyHussle If u educate a woman U educate a community... Bitches ain't shit bt I got <3 4 real women #
  • [#omgomgomg] Björk Announces "Biophilia" New York Residency And Education Series via @creatorsproject #gettingtickets #
  • Media/digital trends, zines, etc. Both saved searches and strategically curated circles RT @TheHiredGuns @dcap what kind of research? #
  • I use it for research RT “@TheHiredGuns: Curious, are you USING Google+ or are you just registered and letting it collect dust? Chime in.” #
  • .@laurenthedark @corvida cool we'll check out @sleepnomorenyc! thanks :) in reply to laurenthedark #
  • .@upshelp If @ups is unable to give ETA on deliveries to @soapdotcom then I won't order from @soapdotcom anymore, that's a basic service. #
  • .@upshelp @ups told @soapdotcom rep that driver didn't have a phone and they couldn't tell where truck was. it's 2012. that's inexcusable. #
  • .@UPSHelp if @ups can't give @soapdotcom ETA info then they can't promise next-day delivery, which is bad for customers and their business #
  • .@UPSHelp TY 4 quick response. It just arrived now. My issue = @ups cldn't give @soapdotcom an ETA when they called for info. Bad business. #
  • .@soapdotcom Pls update yr delivery info 2 incld that @ups will deliver next-day orders as late as 8pm. Customers need that info 4 planning #
  • .@soapdotcom should consider not using @ups to deliver orders. Rep called them and they cldnt tell her status of my next-day delivery #fail #
  • +1 RT @jonubian I really hate it when women highlight the fact that they don't 'hang with females.' U don't get brownie points for self-hate #
  • #nowplaying Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control #
  • Doing everything under the sun to avoid scanning receipts. *sigh* #giterdone #
  • I hope that #ows supporters and participants continue to do their thing through the 2012 election, remind ppl what democracy looks like. #
  • Also, #ows helped to stimulate the economy. People clicked headline links, TV coverage was watched, supplies were bought to donate. #
  • ... and FINALLY acknowledge that peaceful protest is crucial to holding our elected officials and corporations accountable? #ows (2/2) #
  • Can we all finally agree that #ows protests and coverage (indie and mainstream) changed t focus t real issues: employment, healthcare (1/2) #
  • Follow my Tumblr for whimsical, delightful, curious & unusual expressions of Latino/a identity. #latino #ethnicstudies #
  • making roasted lemon & herb chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob tonight. step 1 of 5 in operation back-at-home. #
  • .@NGLConsortium Hi there! When is NGLC this year/2012? #
  • .@laurenthedark i need to get situated this week but definitely next week. this week is all about housekeeping, bookkeeping, me keeping in reply to laurenthedark #
  • .@headedforseven no prob! the weekly format works for me, plus i'm going to be doing training on too in reply to headedforseven #
  • My New Year's resolution is to learn to code with Codecademy in 2012! Join me. #codeyear #
  • I was thinking about how Latino/a identity can be interpreted. Only now, at 30, do I feel comfortable expressing what it means to me. #
  • TY! RT “@laurenthedark: @dcap Check out @BrooklynOnRye's project. It's the best #transmedia project I've seen yet.” #
  • smdh RT “@hnigatu: Wait seriously? According to MTV's True Life, being bisexual amounts to 'having your cake and eating it too' -.-” #
  • Great read with more interesting articles RT The Sybil Syndrome #
  • <3 RT @Booooooom: If you buy one book with your xmas money - this is it - INCREDIBLE - #
  • Like a grown up playhouse for geeks <3 RT @dwell_feeds: Article » Product Spotlight » Office Shed in Miniature #
  • Oooo! RT @FastCoDesign: 7 Ingenious #DIY Designs You Can Make At Home by @doingitwrong #
  • Love RT @designmilk: Cradle: a chair designed by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kal... #
  • .@GrayDay Ha! Yes. I'm collecting inspiration on my flight back to NYC :) I heart airplane wifi in reply to GrayDay #
  • Simple Genius: Drawers That Break Into Seating For 7, For Parties | Co.Design #
  • Wow!!! RT @dwell: Garrett Finney's Cricket Trailer has us jonesin' for a road trip: #travel #glamping #
  • This is amazing: #
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