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  • "Would you lie/no/make me cry/no/do something behind my back and then try to cover it up/no/well neither would I baby" <3 #
  • Community tip: Before U farm out a chore ala Task Rabbit, see if yr building manager's assistant or other local person will do it. Also, tip #
  • "Tell them that it's human nature" #
  • .@leighalexander 50% why I left Bushwick. I don't regret my 2 years there but happy in South BX. Less douchebaggery + more community. in reply to leighalexander #
  • +1 “@iamwhitneygayle: HBO Go is saving my life right now” #
  • when r u moving to NYC already ;) “@daughterphoenix: Who wants to play League of Legends? Hit me up. Username: Daughter Phoenix” #
  • + Theron=magnificent RT @CharlesMBlow: Snow White & the Huntsman: ok. Dialogue: awful. Acting: mediocre. Art direction: magnificent. #
  • LOL “@AskAChola: Que cute, el ice cream truck de mi barrio is playing Frere Jacques mientras hablamos frances. Bienvenues a mon barrio!” #
  • I unlocked the Snow White and The Huntsman Opening Weekend sticker on @GetGlue! #
  • +1 @GetGlue #LastTrainHome #
  • @corvida is deep in her MIB3 game for iPhone #
  • I love that I have friends willing to come over and watch Red Table Talks w me to get over my busted foot. The sweet life. #
  • POC Tumblr Conference in the BX 6/16! Excited cc @hnigatu let's go! in reply to hnigatu #
  • My BFF has too much attitude right now <3 @ The Clocktower #
  • mmm tryptophan zzzz RT “@calinative: I've never had the Itis quite like this before. I cannot control these tryptophan side effects!!!” #
  • I hope that by age 35 I can go "Computer, Earl Grey. Hot." + "Computer. Spongebob episode #110 " Is that too much to ask? #
  • Only drawback to Samsung Smart TV so far appears to be U can't use yr iPhone as a remote control (just a samsung phone) #
  • (2/2) ... "Minority Report"esque using your hand as a wand without touching the screen, voice recognition software, sexy UI ... #Droolmobile #
  • I'm obsessed w watching demos of the Samsung Smart TV. It's like the rich media screen experience I've dreamed about since age 18 (1/2) #
  • Congrats on yr transition! RT @JamesHGannon My first segment on @tytoncurrent. Had lots of help, thanks Turks! @Current #
  • In other news, my <3 @corvida is going to Australia next week to give a keynote and I'm so proud of her. Life keeps moving #
  • Life just keeps flowing, often rushing like a river, and if I swim against it with fear and negativity I will drown. Not an option. #
  • I have way too much shit going on (good but complex things) to psych myself our over this adoption/foster care stuff. It's going to be fine. #
  • My adoption home study is on Monday. Too tired to be freaked out. Going to enjoy my weekend + clean my apt. One foot in front of the other. #
  • #nowplaying She Keeps Bees - Gimme #
  • that awkward moment when you're using two screens for work, one of the screens is a videoconference & a popup on other screen startles you. #
  • STAY HYDRATED. Can't say it enough, y'allz. It makes the difference between being calm and functional vs cranky and passing out. #
  • .@santagati cosign. all night scrabble trio happening in the BX right now. in reply to santagati #
  • that awkward moment when you're describing an actor as rakish & yr chicas thought you said rapish #
  • #nowplaying Coasters - Yakety Yak #
  • Really any song that has a lot of nonsense words and is never ending is good for topic page strat background noise. #
  • I like listening to "Spill the Wine" when I'm working on tagging and topic page strat. #geekthoughts #
  • Never mind my previous tweet. I'm a psycho who had that @snowwhite tab open since 5/3 and just refreshed it. #
  • Also, kinda cray that the @SnowWhite account hasn't been updated since 5/3. #SWATH #whatsupwiththat #
  • Can't wait to see @SnowWhite with @hnigatu and @bxwebb tonight at midnight!!! #SWATH My film friend wasn't crazy about it but I must see it. #
  • For my FB friends who might be concerned, my study doesn't include your private data or exploit you at all. It's about my user experience. #
  • When I have the results of my Facebook study I will share them as a Kindle single. I am excited about seeing if my theory is correct. #
  • I am embarking on an experiment with Facebook. I recently changed all my privacy settings to optimize my FB experience + to explore a theory #
  • Congrats 2 my homegirl for inspiring Ebert! RT @ebertchicago "You're the first girl Assistant Cameraman I've ever seen" #
  • YO! My homegirl got RT'd by Ebert #RESPECT RT @ebertchicago "You're the first girl Assistant Cameraman I've ever seen." #
  • .@corvida @laurenthedark and i just co-opted ratchet to mean the opposite of it but also y'all can be a lil ratchet too *softewokhug* in reply to corvida #
  • .@corvida @laurenthedark I <3 that I met you both on Twitter & then you infiltrated my life with your brilliant ratchetness and brain food. in reply to corvida #
  • .@corvida @laurenthedark y'all are hilarious :P in reply to corvida #
  • Between @barackobama's campaign + @demandprogress, I get about .. 10 emails a day between the two of them. Wish they offered digest versions #
  • .@RufusBrutus you look like someone threw a slurpee on you. poor thing. take care. <3 in reply to RufusBrutus #
  • Checklist done. Going to spend the rest of today laying prone on the couch + whining to my cat about my cold. Or sleeping. Have a great day #
  • @Pinterest Why only women's & men's apparel categories? #effgenderbinary I use "art" as alt but wd like "fashion" pls. #
  • My hope is that teachers will show young ppl how 2 make sense of public data sets 2 solve issues in their communities. Data viz activism. #
  • But public data sets even as they are can still function like gold mines. Exciting times for entrepreneurs, activists, journalists, artists. #
  • Data sets don't tell the whole story. Only what was recorded. A dataset is 10x better if it + points 2 oral histories, zines, photo archives #
  • You know, I was thinking that public data sets are like the new gold rush. #
  • I was an a video conference with @current team & I think SF folks were laughing at me sippin' my Capri Sun. Whatevs I stay hydrated :D #
  • hydration is my #1 priority this summer. and I like Capri suns too much. #waytoomuch #forbeinggrown “@Rafael415: @dcap 10 Capri Suns? Wow.” #
  • Today I worked with the @currentspitzer team. Rescued some baby birds from my bathroom ceiling. Drank 10 Capri Suns. You know how a playa do #
  • I got over my fear of tiny baby birds when I remembered that I have health insurance. S'all good. They are being cared for/safe. #
  • I wasn't lying when I said baby birds were living in my bathroom ceiling @ The Clocktower #
  • I'd take a pic of these baby birds and share but I'm scared of tiny baby bird diseases. So, no. #
  • damn i need a #flashlight #
  • #nowplaying Be My Baby (birds) #
  • This goes out 2 baby birds in my bathroom, hopefully NONE of them die. #nowplaying Morrissey - First of the gang to die #
  • .@badcoverversion I'm pretty sure my bathroom fan is terrifying them :/ goes on with light. Gonna call bldg super (after I clean bathroom). in reply to badcoverversion #
  • There are some hungry sounding baby birds living in crawl space in my bathroom ceiling. How does that even happen? Figuring out what to do. #
  • Doc about a 14-year-old working in the Bolivian silver mines @GetGlue #TheDevilsMiner #
  • slota work no “@hnigatu: Is this Chrome ad trying to convince me 2 write a hyperlinked love letter to ask someone out through google docs?” #
  • LMAO so wrong “@meganamram: Any bag of M&M's is Family Size when you're an orphan” #
  • *giggles* *wipes eyes* “@meganamram: 5 out of 5 dentists agree, I should stop pretending to be a dentist at this dentist office” #
  • LO “@meganamram: Crazy how you eat Chinese food and then an hour later you're still racist” #
  • lmfao “@meganamram: "Hey, my face is UP HERE and also OVER HERE" - woman in Picasso painting” #
  • I hope the train home smells like sand and BBQ. I love those two scents. Two scents I don't like combined underground: feet, ass. #
  • .@velvetboogie thought it was funny :) in reply to velvetboogie #
  • omg that's one of my fave NYC spots, heart the garden seating area “@hnigatu: Wine garden at La Lanterna di Vittorio” #
  • TY! Would <3 to come see u in action next time I'm in LA “@wendycarrillo: @dcap omg u too! Take care of yourself mujer!!” #
  • plth rub it in :P. U. Me. @corvida. ATL = Daiquiri Factory >> “@laurenthedark: @dcap *wallows in 90 degree room with smile on face* :p” #
  • wtf “@velvetboogie: @girlsHBO telling a gay man that his voice sounds like a bag of dying babies #mistakesGIRLSmake € #
  • I'm going to have a heatstroke party this year. We can sit in the air conditioned dark & recover w popsicles & ice packs. + Jello shots #
  • I have white friends who handle the sun better than I do. It's embarrassing. But since I hate to miss out, summer = heatstrokelandia. #
  • OMG!! “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap Heatstroke is terrible. I got so dehydrated in Thailand I went temporarily deaf.” #
  • I'm also visiting Mexico again 8/12. This time I'll b prepared & do my ancestors proud by not being heat hivey & miserable 1/2 the time. #
  • Last September, while I was in Mexico for the first time, I experienced terrible heat stroke. I felt like a failure :/ #chicanaangst #
  • Def, thanks, that's part of my "NYC summer" plan too ;) RT “@lilysea: @dcap floppy hat” #
  • My sun plan for ATL trip: sunscreen, constant hydration, portable fan, shades, light clothing & a parosol. I gives 0 fucks re: lookin' dorky #
  • The sad part about being a melanin challenged minority is that summer = sun stroke, falling out. H.A.M. Still going to ATL in July though. #
  • I should get paid to be a QA tester for iPhone apps. I already download them in bed, making a game of finding bugs. I can always find them. #
  • I should get paid to be a QA tester for iPhone apps. I already download them in bed, making a game of finding bugs. I can always fine them. #
  • .@UptownKate TY 4 following. Small world! I held my 1st short film fest at @UptownStudios, part of AAGRO events in '02 in reply to UptownKate #
  • .@therealhennessy What ultimately sold me was the review from Willard #edupunk #disrupteducation + #supportfunnydudes #
  • I can't wait to get my MFA on a DVD from hilarious/brilliant @therealhennessy #bossin #
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