Daniela Capistrano

My project history at Current TV includes contributing to and advising on strategy for all programming, co-producing & managing the multi-platform extensions for the docu-series “4th and Forever” and managing the launch/production of Scion’s Urban Mobility hub. I worked on original content and community initiatives, as well as integrated marketing campaigns.
Before joining Current, I worked for MTV Networks, Discovery, Bravo, A&E, other media companies and nonprofits. Most folks usually find me online through my work with MTV News, where I Â supported digital production, broadcast and community needs from 2006-2009.
I like to work with a wide range of people, particularly on creative projects and in the interest of social good. In 2010, while managing Tr3s.com‘s site relaunch and supporting the Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas rebrand, I led immigration news coverage and covered music, film festivals, politics and more.


My credits are fairly comprehensive and include associate producer, digital producer, director, 1st AD, editor, camera lady and content strategist. I am skilled in many facets of traditional and new media production and pride myself on my ability to successfully predict their points of convergence. Yes, I am a big geek and love to share ideas.
In addition to being a digital junkie, I am also a former media studies major and Student Senate vet at The New School. I am also a supporter of the Edupunk movement because I taught myself most of my marketable skills and feel that education should be collaborative and free.


I was a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters from 2006 – 2009. From 2009 – 2010, I provided consulting services and lead workshops for The LAMP NYC and Vision Education & Media (VEMNY), two amazing media resources for parents and educators. I completed foster parent training through You Gotta Believe and plan on adopting an older child someday.
I continue to work with youth organizations on diversity and media literacy projects. Inspired by Lance Weiler, I like to think of myself as a Story Architect. I founded the POC Zine Project in 2010, which is an experiment in activism and community through materiality.
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