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  • .@ShainaMBA Congrats! If you're in town (NYC) next week, DM me if you'd like to meet up for a drink. in reply to ShainaMBA #
  • Thanks :) It's what I wish someone had told me. But I figured it out eventually. “@TWalk: @dcap Love it - great advice.” #
  • .@ShainaMBA Woe, that was so long ago, right? :) I hope my advice was helpful & that yr doing well. in reply to ShainaMBA #
  • I often give my biz card out 2 teens I meet. Some call/email. Most don't. But I always reply 2 those who reach out + I respect their hustle. #
  • I also told her to not get into a habit of settling, because that habit is harder to break as an adult. Aim VERY high & do the work. #
  • The schools you want to attend, scholarship opportunities, & things you can do now to hone your talents & abilities. She got it. (2/2) #
  • Earlier this week I gave this advice to a student who asked me 4 career guidance: spend as much time as you do on Facebook researching (1/2) #
  • :) <3 @corvida just FaceTimed me from the airport in Sydney. She's coming back, U.S.! I'm so proud of her #xmedialab talk + adventures. #
  • I don't know how I am going to use my @RebelMouse page yet but I am enjoying playing around with the features. #
  • Hey, Twitterz. Check out mah page: #
  • I give 0 fucks about losing Twitter followers when I speak my mind. I'd rather lose "fans" than let others speak for me. Enjoy yr day *gone* #
  • #nowplaying LAURYN HILL - LOST ONES #
  • AGAIN: Go back in my feed. There is my #. If YOU ever really want to have an honest, respectful discussion about race, the door is open. TY. #
  • What u just saw is a tiny microcosm of why white privilege + racial inequality persists. Ppl (all bkgrnds) don't really want 2 talk about it #
  • Twitter gangstas are some hilarious shit. #
  • .@aubreysitterson your ass is showing. keep putting words in my mouth, avoiding direct contact + making assumptions. have a nice day. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson U clearly don't want 2 have a real conversation w/ me, I respectfully bid you adieu, so what u are doing now=really shitty #
  • .@aubreysitterson Are U going to keep doing this or are U going 2 act like an adult? Seriously, either call or shut up. I can't respect this in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • So, now U all have it. My number. You are ALL welcome, truly, to call if U ever want to have a respectful conversation about race. U=invited #
  • You want to know why I can freely give my # out on Twitter? Because most people really don't want to have an honest discussion about race. #
  • .@aubreysitterson :) You are so funny, how what you think you did just now was a "conversation." Seriously, good luck, take care. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson My response that I didn't want to play that game on Twitter wasn't "super hard." It was my preference. Why I shared my #. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson perhaps to get clarity? u assume i would yell. u are wrong. u don't know me. as a community manager, u should know better. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson But lucky for you, Twitter makes it convenient for you to charge into my convo and "yell" at me. No call? Safe travels! in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson I'll be awaiting your call. Better yet, let's meet & chat. Ball is in your court. #
  • .@aubreysitterson Wow. If u truly want 2 have a conversation about this, give me a call. 917-575-3508. Otherwise, don't come at me like that in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson What's truly distressing is people compartmentalizing the factors instead of seeing how they are intertwined. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • .@aubreysitterson "Least distressing"? It's ALL distressing. I'm not playing that game, thanks. in reply to aubreysitterson #
  • That's it for today. I'm just sick of this toxic lie that white is better than anything else continuing to tip the scales of justice. #
  • I'm not afraid of losing my job or friends or networks because I freely talk about race, justice and equality. I have all that BECAUSE I do. #
  • The people offended by discussions about white privilege are the people who don't like the status quo altered. Many white allies agree. #
  • But thanks for alerting me to the fact that you're unable to parse information. Good to know. (2/2) #
  • I received a DM saying "white people aren't the only ones committing crimes." No shit, really? I didn't know that. (1/2) #
  • And if you're reading my tweets & offended by me talking about white privilege and how it informs our justice system, I DO NOT CARE. #
  • So I have NO PROBLEM talking about how whiteness continues to protect sick people who exploit children of color. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. 2/2 #
  • It wasn't so long ago (still happens today) that U could hang a black man even for being suspected of looking at a white woman. So yes 1/2 #
  • The Sandusky investigation & trial is a paradigm of how white privilege continues 2 protect criminals of all shapes & sizes. It has to stop. #
  • What insane world do we live in where grown men get 2 shower with children on a college campus, get caught, and don't get fired? A white one #
  • EXACTLY. Sandusky's lawyers are parasites. RT @shananaomi the defense strategy on this case is so offensive. #
  • The Sandusky trial is NOT "a witch hunt." It is a monster hunt that has come 15 years too late. Because people knew. And they protected him. #
  • There are people in this country who view Trayvon Martin as a suspect & Sandusky as a hero. My fellow Americans, we have work to do. #
  • There is nothing wrong with being a white person. There is something very wrong with whiteness as a symbol of integrity protecting Sandusky #
  • I am frankly tired of how "white is right" protects rapists, wall street, racist media professionals and corrupt politicians. #
  • It's easier to believe a white man is now being exploited for money by greedy former youth than to believe a white man would rape children. #
  • If Sandusky had raped any Penn State officials' children, this would be a whole other case. But he didn't. He chose his victims for a reason #
  • Anyone watching this case who doesn't see how white privilege kept Sandusky safe to rape children is living in a world I never want to visit #
  • Sandusky manipulated and severely abused vulnerable poor and POC boys who came to him for help. This whole case stinks of white privilege. #
  • Let's be real here: if Sandusky was black or another POC, he would never have accumulated so many victims w/out MANY people reporting him. #
  • “We believe these young men have financial incentives.” Really? All 8 men set to testify are fine with lying about being raped by a man? #
  • "What did you do today, dad?" "I went to court & regurgitated lies + blamed victims for their abuse to help a child rapist avoid prison." #
  • Everyone has the right to a fair trial but there's a special place in hell for the lawyers who agreed to defend Sandusky. They had a choice. #
  • brave “@ProducerMatthew: Teenager who kickstarted Sandusky child rape investigation 'ready' to testify -” #
  • .@therealhennessy when I watch your videos I laugh so hard, a light goes on, & all the ugly feelings melt away. Thanks (2/2) in reply to therealhennessy #
  • .@therealhennessy there are days when I want to chop the world in the throat, & all the sycophantic privileged BS makes me sick but (1/2) #
  • When I say "my" in relation to @POCZineProject organizers, I mean like "my family," not like they're "mine." No one could own them :) #
  • I am so damn proud of what my @poczineproject organizers and I are planning for this fall. Creating culture. Spreading love. #
  • My point is that a flashy resume, a few recommendations from VPs & knowing buzzwords doesn't tell the whole story. #
  • Some people are really good at tricking those in power (who settle for mediocrity) into thinking they know what they're talking about. #
  • Just bcuz they had experience in the exact job yr hiring 4 doesn't mean they were ever any good at it. A good manager can detect B.S. (3/3) #
  • A truly good manager knows how to interview, how to see through the buzzwords, how to ask the right questions. (2/3) #
  • Just because someone has the "right" companies on their resume doesn't mean they know what they're doing. (1/2) #
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