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  • Here's info about POC Zine Project: @poczineproject,, Thanks 4 yr interest! #socialcurationsummit #
  • .@grantcrowell you were awesome! yes, please let me know when your audio recording is online, would love to share. #socialcurationsummit #
  • Had to get back to work but really enjoyed the first half and participating in #socialcurationsummit Stay in touch y'all #
  • "Critical mass versus credible mass."-@scottbelsky @behance on subverting the fire hose: manual curation by "experts" #socialcurationsummit #
  • Nice 2 see @amyvernon on stage after following her 4 a while + great 2 see another female mod, @devonGlenn was great! #socialcurationsummit #
  • I like how all I can do is tell people like @kanyessa @suddenlythere that I'm hungry. Food cravings killing social skills. #
  • .@AmyVernon Using all remaining strength to give 100% my attention during yr panel #chariotsofhunger @collaboracion @reeltake @LizTheresa #
  • Def, meeting after. Excited 4 yr panel! “@AmyVernon: @dcap @collaboracion @reeltake @LizTheresa wait for my panel!” #
  • .@collaboracion @AmyVernon hey @reeltake @LizTheresa R meeting us at reg table too. we're all starving & also want to connect. #hungergames in reply to collaboracion #
  • come meet me w GIT ladies at reg table at lunch k :) “@LizTheresa: @reeltake @dcap yay!!! #newfriends No, wait- #newHUNGRYfriends € #
  • .@reeltake @LizTheresa gotta say 1 of best things about twitter @ events: finding other hungry ppl & being snarky 2 curb eating arms off. +1 in reply to reeltake #
  • .@songza on nostalgia as a catalyst 2 respond to CTAs & increase brand relevance, how to incorporate. Great stuff. #SocialCurationSummit #
  • lmao ahhh I love talking about food ;) “@reeltake: @dcap @LizTheresa ahhh I'd jump over these chairs & tables for some pretzels....” #
  • .@reeltake @LizTheresa I went to an event recently where they had a bowl of pretzels and even that - people were devouring it. LOL in reply to reeltake #
  • Going to go back & read all of the @eliasroman quotes re: strat at @songza. Great stuff. #socialcurationsummit #
  • Low blood sugar aside, can't wait for 'Museum Quality' archiving panel coming up. Very curious about new methods #SocialCurationSummit #
  • I shd have brought a snack 2 #SocialCurationSummit starting 2 space out. TV/film sets know: must have snacks! ;) Grateful 4 lunch @ 12:30 #
  • Context is critical to how you share what you curate - and with who. Exposure must be relevant to the audience. #SocialCurationSummit #
  • +1 “@DavidYarus: Millennial vs. NOT is so clear/fun 2 watch on this panel! native understanding of social=inspiring. #SocialCurationSummit € #
  • <3 how @songza empowers artists 2 share expertise thru curating playlists, similar to editorial features in mags I <3 #socialcurationsummit #
  • I actually was wary about @songza at first bcuz I like making my own playlists but the ones they share R really good! #socialcurationsummit #
  • .@collaboracion @AmyVernon Yup I'm down to meet @ lunch. I'm in a dress with very weird/short hair & blue skull earrings. Meet by reg table? in reply to collaboracion #
  • .@mattcorey @massrelevance Great case studies! Thank you #socialcurationsummit #
  • .@collaboracion I just felt a pinging sensation, it all makes sense now ;) R you here IRL w @AmyVernon? Let's meet or in reply to collaboracion #
  • #olympics I Copy U Contest is pretty cool, never heard of it 'til today #socialcurationsummit - imitating the athletes w photos :) #
  • .@firebelly Thanks for sharing your perspective at #socialcurationsummit gave me things to consider :) in reply to firebelly #
  • +1 “@collaboracion: As an #openSource advocate, i love the power of crowds :) At the root of what the web is about #socialcurationsummit € #
  • shout-out 2 @barnlib 4 being zine curators IRL & online+they signalboost POC <3 wish all universities were like them #socialcurationsummit #
  • grumbling noises over here too #eep “@reeltake: Oh no, no snacks out. I apologize in advance if my stomach grumbles. #socialcurationsummit € #
  • .@poshglam's favorite analytics tool is @Quantcast #SocialCurationSummit - likes the gatekeeper tools #
  • Hi! I'm here & I <3 Sesame Street :) “@DanDotLewis: Just arrived at #SocialCurationSummit -- say hi if you're here.” #
  • .@SuperGraphic Thank you for your apology & for listening. Just trying to help u understand the context & response to your slave images. in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • .@SuperGraphic Wd u put Holocaust image on a truck -which is a biz- in a Jewish nabe? Think about execution. No 1 reads truck/just see photo in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • .@poshglam is the truth re: curation practices. She genuinely cares about her community, it's not all about $ #respect #socialcurationsummit #
  • .@SuperGraphic Why not honor current African American heroes? A truck w a slave on it isn't inspiring it's upsetting. Go to Bed-Stuy & see. in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • .@SuperGraphic I'm sure you have good intentions but get some1 from yr team 2 walk thru BK & ask what ppl think about U-Haul slave imagery. in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • .@SuperGraphic Consider where these ads appear & how tiny the contextual font size is compared to the size of t slave image. It doesn't work in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • .@SuperGraphic reads like an ad & it offends & confuses people in BK. Pls consider how it feels 4 a black person 2 walk past slave imagery. in reply to SuperGraphic #
  • THIS "You can't just put something up for the sake of someone on the biz side" - @poshglam #SocialCurationSummit #
  • .@derekg Great meeting you! TY 4 creating a platform so beneficial 2 activists. Here's mine: #SocialCurationSummit #
  • 2/2 1 of worst things u can do as a brand on Tumblr=behave as if yr ultimate authority. Yr not. Reblog/<3/Participate #socialcurationsummit #
  • You can learn so much about any topic by cultivating yr @tumblr dashboard feed to pipe in curators on that topic. #socialcurationsummit 1/2 #
  • You can create many saved search queries on @Tumblr easily to help you break through noise. #socialcurationsummit #
  • .@derekg giving useful @tumblr 101 info, hope he covers how community is reacting to ads & Spotlight feature #SocialCurationSummit #
  • Me to driver: "It's really disrespectful & unprofessional to demand that your female customers pay for your mistakes." I didn't pay. #
  • Made it! #socialcurationsummit (@ Social Curation Summit w/ 3 others) #
  • This driver is a trip. He overshot where he needed 2 drop me off & is trying to charge me more for his mistake. I'm no dummy bro. Not paying #
  • What does renting a U-Haul truck have to slavery? Why would anyone think it's a good idea to have an ad w slaves in it on their trucks? #
  • Since I'm in traffic, have you seen those bizarre U-Hauls in BK with the ads on them talking about slavery w pic of slave? So inappropriate #
  • .@ChristGinger yeah, totes over saturation point (for me). #callmemaybe in reply to ChristGinger #
  • Seriously, "Call me Maybe" makes me feel like Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family. #deadpanstareoutwindow #
  • Ugh seems like all radio stations in this car are playing "Call me Maybe" - no longer tolerable. 7th circle of hell-level annoying. #
  • #SocialCurationSummit keynote w Derek Gottfrid, VP of Product @Tumblr, starts at 9am ET. Bummed I am in traffic, will read tweets on t way. #
  • TY for sharing this “@lheron: 13 fantastic sub-Reddits to subscribe to, via @mashable What would you add to the list?” #
  • Traffic. Hope I make it in time before the #socialcurationsummit keynote begins #eep #
  • The #socialcurationsummit keynote with Derek Gottfrid, VP of Product at @Tumblr, starts at 9am ET btw. #
  • np! RT @ianhillmedia #socialcurationsummit sounds like cool event & great hashtag 2 follow 2day. Thanks 2 @dcap 4 posting on FB. #socmedia #
  • Today I'll be on a DIY panel speaking about @poczineproject at the #SocialCurationSummit starting around 2:15pm ET. I'll RT some highlights. #
  • <3 lol “@SteveMartinToGo: Had dinner at Chick-fil-A, then I married a man. There was something about that sandwich….” #
  • :/ “@GOOD: Light-skinned black women receive shorter prison sentences than dark women” #
  • lol “@EvilSlutClique: No. Sorry. #nbcfail RT @MotherJones Can We All Please Stop Whining About the Olympics Being Tape Delayed? Thank You.” #
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