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  • Make-A-Zine with Aaron Rose #
  • OK, stepping away from Internet to watch Whitney videos in peace. #RIPWhitney Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. #
  • +1 RT @moorehn I like the assumption on Twitter that MTV shd have crack investigative news team ready 2 tackle news on Sat nights #chillout #
  • Hm, @redux is missing window to capture best of Whitney video programming viewers. I wld watch now via TV since @MTV et all is late. #
  • .@NYCcyn ent. brands cld b more nimble if they had programming blocks prepped 4 atrisk celebs & gave master control more control. oh well :/ in reply to NYCcyn #
  • dinos dont move as fast RT @NYCcyn @dcap Thankful 4 Twitter,YouTube,all 4 curating clips. Want networks 2 pay onair tributein similarfashion #
  • message RT @laurenthedark I believe that in reality ppl care about celebs up 2 a certain point, or until reap profit from merch or site hits #
  • 2 late, ppl already sharing on YouTube. RT @NYCcyn C'mon, @MTV. Turn off Teen Mom and give us a Whitney Houston video marathon. @Vh1? @BET? #
  • Disturbed by thought of sites' metrics reports next month having a Whitney section. $ from death is a reality but still macabre #RIPWhitney #
  • That's disturbing RT @RuwaydaMustafah Ppl who are comparing Whitney's death to other people being killed in conflict regions are irritating. #
  • It's beautiful to see people from all walks of life around the world grieving in their own way. What a voice. #RIPWhitney #
  • :/ RT @mathewi RT @BRYAN_M_COX: In 1 month we lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston. All in black history month, unbelievable. #
  • mine too RT “@santagati: My timeline right now is a sea of sadness.” #
  • I thought all major news orgs prep obits for at-risk celebs to modify when needed. Prudent to update lists this year. Macabre but necessary. #
  • Going 2 take a wild leap & say that ppl not paying attention 2 Syria didn't stop paying attention 2day bcuz of Whitney's death. Grieving=ok. #
  • +1 RT @morningmoneyben: shut up @acarvin: death of MJ took media's attention off Iran in '09. Will Whitney Houston's death do same 4 Syria? #
  • +1 RT “@JasonHirschhorn: @gaberivera or just fans grieving and connecting. As big of a music and cultural icon as they come.” #
  • People can mourn however they choose. I'm more annoyed by the people talking shit about people morning. #RIPWhitney #
  • I know... :/ RT “@laurenthedark: Dude...Whitney?!” cc @corvida #
  • what? :/ RT “@News10_CA: Associated Press reporting that singer Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48.” #
  • .@lasophielle sure! please send guidelines and thoughts to daniela AT dcapmedia DOT com. TY! in reply to lasophielle #
  • .@lasophielle I'd love to learn more about the journal of occupied studies. Is there a link you can share? in reply to lasophielle #
  • Everyone is a consumer and a creator. Finding a balance & a way to further social justice goals w yr media is key. Alignment, collab #pttv30 #
  • .@thepointcdc in the South Bronx helps kids make radical media all the time. @am_nyc teaches kids 2 make radical media through art. #pttv30 #
  • Subversion/reinterpretation of popular culture is a cool way to introduce kids to radical media. ex: @thelampnyc #pttv30 #
  • I want, as part of media literacy education, kids 2 know what radical media is & how easy it is 2 make their own @ home, w friends. #pttv30 #
  • you don't need a college degree or lots of $ to make yr own radical media. u can change yr life & help others on yr own terms. (2/2) #pttv30 #
  • I want 2 cont. helping 2 make the concept of radical media accessible 2 everyone as a tool 4 change. it belongs 2 everyone. (1/2) #pttv30 #
  • We need both: people talking about radical media + people making it. Theory is cool, action is better. Radical media belongs to all #pttv30 #
  • Back pain = not introducing speakers at today's #pttv30 event. Glad I was ok last night. Watching @ajelive, laid out, recovery mode. #
  • I mentioned you during the panel last night too, video coming soon RT @hardlynormal: @dcap thanks so very much for the blog love (((hugs))) #
  • .@jennpozner I loved all your insights, thanks so much for participating tonight #pttv30 #
  • .@jamilahking was awesome! stay in touch! #pttv30 #
  • .@theyesmen had to run Andy but thank you for your great comments! pleasure meeting you too #pttv30 #
  • radical media, then "Safe House" #howiroll (@ AMC Loews 19th St East 6 for Safe House w/ 23 others) #
  • Thanks everyone for participating #pttv30 See you mañana #
  • #pttv30 give an example of how radical media (content and form) can further a social justice goal #
  • Follow our convo on radical media #PTTV30 starting at 6:30pm ET + check out the livestream for the @papertigertv panel #
  • TONIGHT at 6:30pm! Come! RT @papertigertv #pttv30 Being the Media- with: @dcap @jennpozner @culturejedi @jamilahking #
  • Congrats! <3 RT @corvida TheGrio's 100 Class of 2012: Corvida Raven #
  • Here are my thoughts on defining radical media and moderating @papertigertv's panels 2/10 and 2/11 #PTTV30 #
  • I'm trying to balance socially driven/personalized search with my own exploration. The wild west-vibe of the Internet is what I <3 the most. #
  • #nowplaying West Side Story - Something's Coming #
  • +1 RT @lorrainecladish @Candypo @marieladabbah I've learned everything in my life on the job. Mistakes R wonderful stepping stone! #belatino #
  • sometimes int'l biz calls were in Spanish & mine is terrible :) RT @marieladabbah @dcap Why like an odd ball? #belatino in reply to marieladabbah #
  • Working @ MTV Tr3s taught me there R many different forms of Latino identity & mine is just as valid. Many gradations on spectrum #belatino #
  • When I worked @ MTV Tr3s in 2010 was my 1st time working w mostly Latino colleagues. I felt like an odd ball + also enjoyed it :) #BeLatino #
  • I support my community but I don't let their labels and boxes keep me from my own goals. To each his/her own. #BeLatino #
  • In career/personal life I don't wrry about pleasing Latino community. As a Latina, I do wht what I'm passionate about,life unfolds #BeLatino #
  • I am juggling both a traditional job, running my own (new) business and pro-social projects. Time management is huge for me. #BeLatino #
  • .@ProducerMatthew You did a fab job, thanks. #wjchat cc @wjchat in reply to ProducerMatthew #
  • .@nsandlin Thanks! Nice to meet you :) in reply to nsandlin #
  • .@nsandlin yes, knowing when laser focus=appropriate is important. but some ppl fear multitasking, so they miss out on opportunities #wjchat in reply to nsandlin #
  • Last protip: Learn to multitask. I was working through this #wjchat ;) #bossmode #
  • Q10: I've had projects take 6 months - several years to come fruition. Stick to it, make it happen through all channels possible ;) #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q9: My criteria for evaluating success depends on the project. Metrics are a part but IRL partnerships arer important too. #wjchat #
  • Q8b: I started & it's opened doors for me. Projects don't have to be hard but shld help you grow your skills. #wjchat #
  • Q8b: I start by listening to music and making a list of needs/next steps :) & observing my peers' projects progress. #wjchat #
  • Q8a: In this climate? It can be the difference between recognition + a raise and obscurity/being laid off. Real talk. #wjchat #
  • Challenge yourself by pitching ideas that require you to develop an existing or learn a new skill. That has helped me immensely #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q7: YES. 100% YES. Increases morale, spurns innovation and can lead to additional sponsored content options. #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q6: Utilize your network for feedback in early stages. When appropriate, contact industry leaders - many reply! (like me) #wjchat #
  • Visual pitches not emails RT @ProducerMatthew No idea wt "Demos not memos" means, but I think we coined a phrase during tonight's #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q5: Projects that require new tools that will ultimately be used for future projects. Holistic innovation expanding options #wjchat #
  • Depends on culture within yr org. Some places encourage ppl 2 initiate projects & bring demos 2 mtg b4 official launch, 4 greenlite #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat Q3: It depends on if the project idea falls within the scope of my duties. If it doesn't, I'll bring to my boss 1st #wjchat #
  • You guys...TY! <3 You both inspire me. RT @katefanfan Agreed! RT @jambajim: @katefanfan @dcap also forgot "THE BEST." #
  • @wjchat Q1: A "project," for me, is anything that requires more than a few hours of planning/execution + measurable results #wjchat #
  • .@wjchat LR3: I factor it in within the first conversation. #wjchat #
  • @wjchat LR5: It depends on the project but the project lead -- if not versed in all digital produx skills -- shld know which are required in reply to wjchat #
  • Hi #wjchat I'm a producer at @current (by way of @mtvnews and @mtvtr3s) and founder/CEO of DCAP Media. See @poczineproject for pro-social #
  • Lucky “@wilw My house smells like cooking bacon. We haven't cooked bacon here since ever. OMG MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED BY BACON. #BACONHAUNTING € #
  • White House holding town hall @ 3pm ET TODAY 2 address educational excellence 4 Latinos. Follow #HispanicEd Live stream #
  • The TFI New Media Fund is now open for submissions (deadline 3/6/12) #transmedia #interactive #
  • Never thought I'd see the day when a trans Latina on twitter randomly accuses me of being cissexist/compares me to cis men. #wtf #goodnight #
  • I've helped multiple transwomen in NYC. I have a wide network of trans friends. Go ahead n call me cissexist based on misreading a tweet 2/2 #
  • Ppl who use language like "you don't earn points with me" in response to a polite reply clearly have a chip on their shoulder. (1/2) #
  • Anyone who accuses me of being offensive to trans people or trans issues doesn't know shit about me. Some pol just love picking fights. Sad #
  • .@metalmujer what? you clearly have no interest in actually understanding where I'm coming from. take care in reply to metalmujer #
  • .@metalmujer you're misreading my tweets. anyone who knows me knows my politics. i follow u bcuz I like your info. in reply to metalmujer #
  • lol “@GirlFuturist: Santorum, surrounded exclusively by white folks, complains that Obama is privileged. RT @rkref < The GOP is irony-proof” #
  • :/ “@zephoria Path uploads users' addressbooks 2 their servers w/out informing users. Who thought this was a good idea" #
  • I just realized I recently passed 2,000 followers on Twitter. I remember signing up in 2007 and thinking "what the hell is this?" :) #
  • I can't believe @SouthpawBK is closing in March. I saw my first NYC show there in 2004 -- @jeangreasy. Going 2 last I <3 Vinyl party on 2/11 #
  • Don't ever elect me POTUS. If you did, I wld force anti-choice politicians to walk around with watermelons sewn up inside them for 9 months #
  • Funny how easy it is to police a woman's vagina w/out actually having to personally deal with the aftermath of robbing her of choice. #
  • Or how about abortion=illegal but every American is forced to help a rape victim raise their product-of-rape child? Oh, u don't like that? #
  • How about this: I'll agree 2 Ron Paul's definition of "honest" rape if every American is forced 2 adopt product-of-rape kids. Sound cool? #
  • People who are against abortion but don't adopt or take in foster-care children are also on my list of miserable shit bags. Jesus hates you. #
  • My point after all these abortion tweets is that this is a never-ending battle. Remain vigilant & call on our politicians 2 stand for choice #
  • Call me crazy, but I don't want white conservative males defining what constitutes rape as a basis for approving abortions. Guess I'm cray. #
  • Check out HR 3 Try explaining it 2 girls being raped by fathers or brothers who need an abortion. It's a horror show. #
  • .@JessicaHyndman Several new bills in the works, existing laws in several states, GOP POTUS candidate statements. Bunch of bullshit. in reply to JessicaHyndman #
  • Luckily there are some men in this world not brainwashed by the church who stand 4 the women they love. For their right to choose. THANK YOU #
  • And all the policing of our vaginas cont's because so many "good" men & women are silent or worse agree w unrealistic policy. Fuck apathy. #
  • Male privilege= thinking that "proving" rape beyond a rape kit to get an abortion is a task that traumatized women shld deal with. Fuck you. #
  • And sanctimonious women who agree with ppl like Ron Paul about robbing women of their right to choose can take a long walk off a short pier. #
  • As soon as sanctimonious men can get pregnant through rape, that is when I will give a fuck about what they think about abortion rights. #
  • .@kofi_annanomous You don't know what you're talking about. Go to NJ and ask women how they feel about paying for their own rape kits. Bye. in reply to kofi_annanomous #
  • "honest" rape if t woman can "prove it" is smthg out of twilight zone ep. Try getting raped, see how much paperwork u feel like filling out. #
  • As if Ron Paul delivering babies makes him an expert on what it's like 2 experience rape in a state with oppressive laws. It doesn't. Period #
  • .@kofi_annanomous did you even read what I said? god forbid any woman you <3 is raped & forced to prove it to get an abortion. go away in reply to kofi_annanomous #
  • In case anyone hadn't noticed, there's a war in this country on women's (cis and trans) basic rights to receive gender-specific health care. #
  • All women who support Ron Paul better put on a chastity belt cuz in his world only "honest rape" requires an abortion & estrogen is medicine #
  • I highly doubt Ron Paul & the rest of these GOP morons wld still be anti-choice if they could get pregnant. So easy to judge w out a vagina. #
  • I "honestly" want Ron Paul to be raped, then "treated" with a shot of estrogen. Let's see if his views hold after that. Just shut up, Paul. #
  • .@laurenthedark Will you share your notes with us? I am speaking on a panel that night. cc @corvida in reply to laurenthedark #
  • It's a thin line between love and hate. #sotrue #sewbuttons #
  • Can we all agree that the millions spent on #SuperBowl commercials wld b more valuable 4 brand loyalty if they used it 2 hire more people? #
  • You win the #superbowl of lulz RT “@SaraJBenincasa: I want to see another dickless M&M.” #
  • #payingmillionsforacommercialslotisstupid #hiremorepeopleatyourcompanyinstead #jobsnotcorporatehashtags #Superbowl #
  • We're so artsy RT “@am_NYC: @dcap haha. I'm on my way to anthology film archives to watch unmade bed. Lol” #
  • lulz RT “@CocoChalmers: why is #superbowl trending? i can only assume a gigantic bowl of cheerios has made its debut appearance.” #
  • Y'all enjoy your #superbowl I'll be enjoying my mango sorbet and my "Frasier" marathon. It's all good #
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