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  • LOVE #
  • -> “@benjaminjackson: Insanely smart robots will take more and more manufacturing jobs over the next few years:” #
  • +1 “@saclib_Central: Sacbee - Sacramento's a leader in offering digital titles & training patrons We made the news!” #
  • Imagine this: LL Cool J's "I need Love" is playing. Your partner is sweeping your apartment. Perfection. #justtookyouthere #myworld2.0 #
  • Someone starts sweeping my kitchen = I put on Teddy Pendergrass #goldengirlsflow #housekeepingishot #
  • "so you wanna see this twerk/then do your share of the housework" - #cohabitatingrealnessraps #
  • "got an aversion to chores/do you/and never get inside these drawers/boo hoo" - #whatwomenreallywant #fromanygender #
  • "If you afraid to lift a mop/you will never see these panties drop" - rap lyrics that need to be performed #yougonlearntoday #
  • My <3 is cleaning the bathroom sink now. Yaaaas baby *Barry White voice* #nowplaying I've Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School #
  • Me? Donate to @MittRomney? This tree just died in vain. #neverrrr #
  • +100 ;) “@savasavasava: @dcap washing dishes at sink? hubba hubba.” #
  • !!! RIGHT? I don't need flowers. I just want you to pick up a mop #swoon “@savasavasava: @dcap I feel you, sister.” #
  • I've apparently reached that age where it is honestly a literal turn on when my partners help clean the apt. Wow, I'm grown. #life #
  • Not gonna front: It is REALLY sexy when yr partner, unprompted, goes "I'm cleaning the entire bathroom this weekend" #mybodyisready #
  • lmao “@EveryGentrifier: Can anyone recommend a good math skills iPhone app for my fetus?” #
  • ha! nice @Jewyorican! “@miklevin: Shit Gentrifiers Say is Our Favorite Twitter of the Week via @remezcla” #
  • ... and watching @awkwardblkgrl #ABG season two - finally catching up :P #
  • My #Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2nd round submission is in the mail. I'll know in Dec if I made it. This weekend=chilling & reflecting. #
  • .@schnittman Indeed! However, in this context, white privilege and gentrification are influencing factors. in reply to schnittman #
  • Protip for white people who move to areas that are predominately black, latino, poc: when locals say hello, respond. Decency 101 #
  • lmao “@chrisbrogan: Dear every restaurant on the web: plain. Text. Period. Stop it with flash. Stop it with PDF. Stop it.” #
  • Sat ritual: reading her tweets “@perlapell: My dog struts in & stinks up the joint with the blazing arrogance of Christopher Columbus.” #
  • Lmfaoooo “@perlapell: I bet the only stripes the celebrities are earning on "Stars Earn Stripes" are the ones in their chonies.” #
  • If u have time 2 get worked up about #freepussyriot u shd also have time 2 defend people of color in the US who r unjustly charged. Right? #
  • TY for sharing this! “@infodiva: Homeless find friends, acceptance on social networks” #
  • .@shananaomi My fav ep is when Scully & Moulder investigate that Texas Chainsaw type family, find the lady who lives under the bed *scurry* in reply to shananaomi #
  • Wow “@avantgame: If someone you've never met doesn't reply to your email, the next step is NOT to cold call their parents. #PSA € #
  • I <3 X-Files but LOLing @ this "Chupacabra" ep, feat. 2 Latino actors w terrible "Mexican" accents. Casting director was probably white lol #
  • lol BREAKING ;) “@nytimes: Drinking on Stoops Is Illegal in New York, But Popular” #
  • It makes me laugh, to think about the fact that there are legit internships out there focused on making GIFs for businesses. Laugh + Cry #
  • wtf lol “@EricaAmerica: Nothing says Friday like a Tupac ice sculpture. Delightful disbelief. #hq” #
  • I didn't expect Bobcat Goldthwait's film "God Bless America" to be so preachy. #
  • Feelin' stabby. Definitely can't wait for this day to end. Need to vanish for a while. #
  • If u sit around waiting 4 people 2 create culture 4 you, life is going 2 suck. Guaranteed. If u enjoy a cookie cutter life, you'll be fine. #
  • .@corvida @craignewmark Thanks for sharing the #womeninvideogames guide I did for @current, folks! in reply to corvida #
  • Omg the app is here!! “@levarburton: How I spent my summer vacation... @ReadingRainbow stylee... #bydhttmwfi” #
  • I woke up this morning thinking about my time at @apocconvergence in NOLA. Thanks to that experience, I now know more radical POC in NYC <3 #
  • Dear Brands, Featuring tweets from ppl I don't know in yr ads endorsing yr product doesn't make it more "authentic" or inspire me to buy. #
  • OK, goodnight Internet. Going 2 work on my #sundance script & block out every other thought for the rest of the evening. See y'all tomorrow. #
  • when ppl who make a living teaching others how 2 build community flake on their own calls they schedule - w no notice or check in #IRLcomedy #
  • I must work on my #sundance script this evening. If you see me ANYWHERE online tonight after 9pm ET, please yell at me. Thanks fam. <3 #
  • Glad they picked a fierce POC with a brain + opinions RT @BrunoM_Fan @JanelleMonae Is The Newest Face Of COVERGIRL! #
  • .@sandechen Thanks for participating! Let's meet up in person soon! Let me know when yr free ok in reply to sandechen #
  • #FreePussyRiot reading (free + open to public) this Thursday in NYC, protest is Friday morning. Details: #
  • Hi @Joe_McClean :) Thanks for following my Twitter account. I'll explore your site tomorrow. #
  • Meet @poczineproject tour member @ibeannavo Anna Vo! I'm so excited - Anna's coming all the way from Berlin <3 #
  • love “@Sedna_51: @Agent_M is it true that if you high-five @RealHughJackman you instantly grow a pair of luxurious muttonchop sideburns?” #
  • TY that means a lot to me. :) RT @TweetlessBex YAY this turned out great!! Good work @dcap :) #WomenInVideoGames #
  • *joy screaming on a bus* “@DCTVny: A game jam based around Jean Claude Van Damme films in NYC this wknd via @murmurco; #
  • .@jenbo1 @bkbrains re: being a connector, use tech to build community but don't underestimate power of on the ground, IRL interactions. in reply to jenbo1 #
  • VIDEO: Gay couple in AZ adopts 12 foster kids <big big hearts + inspiration for my own goals> #
  • I am obsessed w sharing information that has benefitted me or that I think will help others. It's in my DNA. Twitter facilitates my nature. #
  • lol wow ty! “@norbertoviale: @dcap thanks a lot! I didn´t know this feature... u r great! u deserve all the love in the world for this :)” #
  • .@norbertoviale oh it's a feature built into the iPhone. I use it a lot for research, evidence: in reply to norbertoviale #
  • Pandora is +100 on long BoltBus rides :) Enjoying the passing blur of green and highway outside my window & Nirvana #
  • Wow! “@LATimesEnt: Candy Crowley is 1st female moderator of presidential debate since '92” #
  • I've had a very abusive relationship with my inner artist and I'm finally letting her do her thing. She's like "give me room, god damn it!" #
  • So, I really like Baltimore. Going back at end of the month :) In between event stuff I worked on my #Sundance script & I felt good. #
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “@joshuatopolsky: So so so so so great. New York's first sci-fi bookstore opens its doors” #
  • Yup! Just have to be open to it <3 “@Lichiban: inspiration everywhere” #
  • :) great talk! “@suzy_ex: Thanks @dcap for tweeting about my talk. See you soon, friend! And DM me your address for those zines please :)” #
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