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  • My mom's the bomb dot com #
  • "This war is turning men into monsters" RT @mhamou: Syrian women going to the highest bidder. #
  • Nice! “@theChrisDavila: What a beautiful morning in #SanAntonio Making blueberry pancakes & listening to #EdithPiaf on Pandora. :)” #
  • 2/2 then I read an intw where Dean Cain described Pamela Anderson as his dream woman & her "rubbery lips." I was grossed out, end of crush. #
  • Today I was reminded of my 2 year obsession w Dean Cain from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman. 11/12 yr old me pined so hard 1/2 #
  • *thinking* “@peretti: Steve Jobs ignored his kids to focus on his important work creating devices that help other people ignore their kids” #
  • TY for sharing her story “@hardlynormal: Wanda never imagined she’s be homeless at 59” #
  • Wow! In Cali now but worried about my NYC friends. PHOTO: “@moorehn: Yeah, a little grim.” #
  • .@baratunde News blogs still embed Storify items & add additional context & analysis. Embeddable tweets won't replace Storify. #
  • you can't embed a blog post, storify still has value re: sharing “@baratunde: now twitter offers embedded tweets, what's value of storify?” #
  • cc @corvida :/ “@ProducerMatthew: NYC metro to get slammed by severe storms in about an hour. Charge your mobile devices now.” #
  • Clarifying: @OccupyWallSt says they were hacked &RT'd a @MittRomney tweet. @OccupyWallStNYC did not RT. The tweet wasn't intentional *whew* #
  • They're saying it was a hack “@jdegroot: @dcap Sorry this RT happened. You're right. Going to bring it up with the #Tweetboat team" #
  • Good 2 know, thanks. Didn't see an announcement by u “@OccupyWallSt: @OccupyWallStNYC @dcap @CyMadD0x @MittRomney Not us-- we were hacked.” #
  • .@CyMadD0x See my latest tweet with photo attached. @OccupyWallStNYC RTing @MittRomney as an authority/analysis of the recession=insane. in reply to CyMadD0x #
  • Here: @OccupyWallStNYC RTing a @MittRomney tweet earlier today. SMH - so many things wrong w tweet & decision to RT. #
  • I know that @OccupyWallStNYC doesn't represent views by #ows groups nationwide, thank God. RTing @MittRomney. Lost your damn mind. SMH #
  • Why the hell wd @OccupyWallStNYC RT a @mittromney tweet essentially blaming Obama 4 high unemployment? As if Romney/GOP's hands were clean. #
  • 2/2 @OccupyWallStNYC way 2 simplify issue of unemployment being higher than in 2008. Companies run by ppl like @MittRomney=part of problem #
  • I'm unfollowing the @OccupyWallStNYC account for RT'ing ridiculous shit by @MittRomney. Disgusted. 1/2 #
  • Hey @strategiclee listen to Ramon Ortiz's Lady Soledad, it's like Metalocalypse jumped into a Spanish language radio station #
  • "Do you hear an angel possessing you & living in your heart?" - things I scream when I listen to freestyle #
  • My stepdad is showing off his smart TV to me. It's so smart it just solved the budget crisis while serving me infinite Parks & Recreation. #
  • lol “@JennyChurchill: Also, I don't want to make everyone jealous of my decadence, but that earthquake totally moved my air mattress.” #
  • Woo!! RT @G4C Congrats! Girls Who Code graduates their first class! #
  • VIDEO: Jump to 1:26 of this @jengranholm speech, it will send chills up yr spine: Let me know what you think, honestly #
  • actually, you do need sleep. it's really important. but i don't judge. your self care=yo biz. hope yr enjoying yr night/early day. #
  • this=4 all my vampires in nyc right now <3 #nowplaying Mary J. Blige - I'm Goin' Down we don't need no freakin' sleep #
  • totes! i'll be in nyc 9/11 - 9/24 (then on tour), let's work it out. i'll email ya. RT @savasavasava @dcap wanna get a drink sometime? ;) #
  • .@mstobivail you shd get ideas from the Baltimore feminist reading group, google 'em. their events are rad. in reply to mstobivail #
  • All through my youth I envied the freedom that boys had to move in the world. That's why, today, I don't take shit from anyone. The end. #
  • At 14, I had to stay near my mom @ the lake because grown men wdnt leave me alone. I thought "womanhood blows" & tried not 2 get sunburned. #
  • NICE, another metalocalypse fan “@strategiclee: @dcap tonight we watch fanklok with Nathan's psycho girlfanfriend” #
  • @ 12, I was @ waterpark & boys kept trying 2 go down t slide wme & feel up my nonexistent chest. I understood it was their right of passage. #
  • When I was 9? I befriended a boy @ the lake. We swam all day 2gether & had a blast. When he realized I was a girl, he got mad & ditched me. #
  • Where was I? Oh yes. Irritating some of you w my gender assumptions tirade. 80% done. #
  • "I DO COCAINE!!" - Dr Rockso, rocknroll clown “@strategiclee: Excellent. Just introduced another one to @dethklok.” #
  • I know plenty of "girly girls" who get zero play rockin' that steez & androgynous hotties who get all the cis menz. Gender roles=boring. #
  • So this & other reasons R why I think gender assumptions R a farce, a sad joke on society. And why defining a "real" girl vs a "tomboy"=dumb #
  • When I was much tinier & had a mohawk, men cdnt get enough of me. "Othering" galore. I was convinced several of them were closet bisexuals. #
  • I'm often bemused, confused, frustrated & amused by how brainwashed ppl are by arbitrary gender roles. #
  • Also, when I'm carrying a ton of groceries, more men hit on me but they NEVER offer to help carry them - but they want digits. WTF is that? #
  • But yet when I chop all my hair off like a punky brat, my assumption that men will find me less attractive is 100% wrong. I become dick bait #
  • Whenever I wear a dress, more men open doors for me. Are dresses made of magic? Because everything else is exactly the same. #
  • I've been talking about politics 4 two weeks & I'm burnt out on a 247 focus Right now I want to talk about gender assumptions. Here I go. #
  • I realize I'm rambling now but I'm totally fine with that. Mute me or keep reading, idgaf <3 not done yet. #
  • In t past I empathized w my guy friends who complain re: their gfs rambling about nonsense. That's why yr partner shd also B friend material #
  • Being a queer person who has dated guys & girls, I find that pretty isn't enough 4 me. Substance is key. Shoe talk=bai. #
  • I have a handful of female friends who, 4 various reasons, I indulge w "girly" talk. Beyond that, it's as appealing to me as a root canal. #
  • It's probably not a huge surprise but I usually prefer t company of girls who have more guy friends than female friends. Usually, not always #
  • re: previous tweet, let me define "dopey": privileged girls who think I shd care about their shoe shopping spree. Wanted 2 vomit in her hair #
  • I was once on the subway while a guy smoked crack. That was less offensive than dopey chicks who press their nonsense on me. Zero tolerance. #
  • I'm that type who presses elevator buttons 4 ppl & says "good evening" 2 elders on t street. but so help me god yammer about shoes=were done #
  • It's also like three different worlds - SF and Oakland and Berkeley. I prefer the vibe in Berkeley & Oakland. More activism, better parties. #
  • I have nothing against small talk. But only in SF, in my experience, do ppl passive aggressively try 2 make you do it with them. So weird. #
  • I am pretty sure this "hey man it's all good" vibe is because weed is legal AND ppl take really long lunch breaks. Small talk is in SF's DNA #
  • If bus wench had gone "did you watch the DNC?" I wd have smiled & engaged in convo. But she was in shoe mode while I was in STFU mode alas. #
  • There is also nothing about me visually that says "omg lets talk about yr shoes, stranger on bus." And yet, she yammered on. Me=death stares #
  • That's not to say I don't have great sporadic convos w strangers. I do. But about real shit. Politics. Art. Death. Not yr fucking flats, wtf #
  • Girl on bus wanted 2 discuss her shoes w me. If I had mace, I wd have sprayed her. That jabber never happens n NYC, ppl respect quiet time. #
  • I always delude myself in2 thinking I cd live in SF. Nice place 2 visit but my personality doesn't work here. My energy matches NYC, not SF. #
  • The next time I'm in SF I'm borrowing or renting a bike. Public trans blows. Spoiled by NYC's accessibility & frequency. #
  • Even on my off-work hours I've had to rush around for various needs. Wiped out, can't wait 2 return 2 NYC. #
  • Hey @laurelmargaret sorry we couldn't hang tonight :/ have to run an errand for my project. I'm really sad we cdnt chill, but next time :) #
  • Already getting emotional before @BarackObama's speech. It's just so great to see a president of color. <3 #Current2012 #DNC12 #
  • It's times like these I am especially proud to work for @current. Brava, @jengranholm @GranholmTWR #current2012 #DNC012 #
  • The D is for daaaaym Jennifer! <3 #Current2012 “@Soledad_OBrien: Wow. Granholm's speech absolutely over-the-top crowd pleaser.” #
  • The middle class goin' caraaaaazy for Jennifer Granholm & @BarackObama right now :) #DNC12 #
  • How are we even friends if you aren't watching #ratchetpiece theater? Deep thoughts, y'all. #
  • something good is coming! or maybe too much caffeine? :) “@xMattieBrice: My heart is pounding and I don't know why.” #
  • Sometimes when U start demanding more 4 yourself, you "lose" some friends. But in reality you're not losing much-making space 4 real allies. #
  • The way fans obsessively know everything a celeb likes & does is how I will know my kids - fave music, friends names, fave websites, etc. #
  • 2/2 So many times as a teen, grown men tried to lure me online to meet IRL. I will always know my kids' online activity. Always. #
  • I will always know what my kids do online. No such thing as privacy while I'm paying t bills. My 1st chat ended w a guy emailing me porn 1/2 #
  • 2/2 This is why, with my kids, they don't get to touch or own a computer until they complete a digital literacy 101 class led by me. #
  • I'm watching this show on OWN about a US teen who was kidnapped by a guy from Greece, taken to Greece after meeting & "dating" online. 1/2 #
  • *apocalypse begins* "@santagati That's America 4 u..a nation of big dreams. RT @TwittsMcGee: I want 2 B Honey Boo Boo Child when I grow up” #
  • It's kinda weird/cool when I see @algore on #Current2012 and on a Futurama rerun in the same day. Worlds colliding. #
  • Bender: "I came here with a simple dream: to kill all humans" lmao. I would love to hang out w Futurama writers. #
  • I LOVE Futurama. If @Netflix ever lost their license for it I would end my membership, #realtalk I get protective 'bout my toons. #
  • Ew @ that Seinfeld episode where George convinces an AA woman who doesn't speak English to put baby oil on his head #gross #exploitive #
  • .@HamillHimself Batman: The Animated Series. *comic book guy voice* Best Show Ever. Happy 20th anniversary! #
  • Hey @ainaabiodun I'm really excited about what yr doing with @storycodeorg. I hope to attend an event soon when I'm in town. #
  • BTW neither @grubhub or #MOO pay me to rave. I just like to give props to companies that enhance my life sometimes. That is all. #
  • I truly appreciate @grubhub when I travel. Such a stress reliever + now you can play games to win free food? #omg #amazing. #
  • I'm getting a pack of free #MOO cards because I've got Klout - thanks to @overheardatmoo! #
  • That's 1 of the things I love about Twitter: when lames unfollow, by EOD super cool kids follow. It's a river of givings+lovez, tis twitter. #
  • Staring at the Metreon. Do I go to a movie or go pass out in my hotel? Halp #tired #butstillafilmnerd #
  • +1 “@pattonoswalt: "Oh fuck -- he's gonna rip it up like this when his wife runs in 2016. Shitshitshit." -- everyone in the GOP right now” #
  • +1 “@CS999: There was absolutely nothing close to this level of excitement at the RNC. Their energy was spent being gleefully macabre.” #
  • Amen grrrl “@SaraJBenincasa: Let me tell you, they may be better than us at making money, but damn can we give a speech. #DNC € #
  • Word #Current2012 “@ShaunaReporter: Clinton and Obama. That's a GIF moment right there. #nerdTweet #DNC2012” #
  • heheh “@angelaishere: LOL! RT @davidgura: Lots of young journos are tweeting about the '88 speech as if they weren't, what, four then?” #
  • lmao #current2012 “@scottEweinberg: I will pay Bill Clinton $5,000 to re-write Prometheus.” #
  • +1 “@ProducerMatthew: Anyone who complained about the length of Clinton's speech didn't truly listen to what he had to say.” #
  • Sexy sax man on YouTube=Clinton “@phontigallo: Clinton needs to close this speech by playin the sax solo from "Careless Whisper." #DNC € #
  • +1 “@emilybell: This is probably the last speech Clinton will make on such a platform. he is laying out policy and narrative as legacy” #
  • *rimshot* “@moorehn: Bill Clinton to introduce Obama by speaking until he arrives onstage tomorrow.” #
  • "Double down on trickle down" Bill Clinton is a sloganbot 5000 moonwalking into your heart #DNC1012 #
  • he will, up next “@geektrooper: I want Bill Clinton to explain the ending of Lost to me. #2012DNC € #
  • lmfao cc @corvida :) #DNC12 RT “@mattyglesias: "One more thing..." Clinton reveals 7 inch iPad and LTE iPhone.” #
  • Infinite cowbell for this Bill Clinton speech/boss poem of freedom and excellence #Current2012 #imreallytiredrightnow #
  • +1 #current2012 “@Disalmanac: UPDATE: Next, Bill Clinton will explain how to assemble an Ikea Flürskl.” #
  • lmao “@yayponies: My favorite analysis so far RT @missouttamyway: I can't EVEN. He's slapping those two clowns with his dick.” #
  • when yr a #boss there is no such thing as TIME “@anildash: Bill Clinton's script ended 38 minutes ago, incidentally.” #imtiredthough #damn #
  • LOL #current2012 “@dreamhampton: When student loans used to call me I would answer the phone and say "reparations." The 90s were a blast.” #
  • theres a lot of thirst in the audience too “@joshsternberg: How has Bill Clinton not taken a sip of water? I can hear the dryness.” #
  • lol get the coffee “@RoMustGo: "And now we get to health care." collective groan from East Coast newspapers. #clinton #deadlines #dnc2012 € #
  • TELLEM “@MotherJones: Bill Clinton: "Now (ahem) that brings me to health care." #win #DNC2012” #
  • LOL true “@Mica4Life: LOL #DNC2012 “@bengreenman: Bill Clinton should be the Secretary of Explaining Things.”” #
  • hehehe I love curating the great ones #DNC1012 “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap Your tweets & RTs are killing me.” #
  • *bites lip, squints, gives thumbs up* Great job, Slick Willy #DNC1012 #inspiring #
  • --> “@MattDentler: Bill Clinton is making sweet love to Charlotte tonight. The fifth time and in the third city, this year. #DNC € #
  • All over the country, panties are droppin' for Bill Clinton right now. And boxers. Let's be real about it u guyz #DNC1012 #Current2012 #
  • Bill Clinton you better drop the mic and walk off like a #boss #current2012 #DNC1012 #
  • Me too! Better reflection of USA #Current2012 “@lilysea: I'm enjoying these not all-lily-white crowd shots versus the RNC...” #
  • woo! I'm here in SF sup'in moderators “@yayponies: @dcap @michelleisawolf I saw it on the #current2012 stream on the teevee!” #
  • *crying* lmao “@SaraJBenincasa: Every time he sticks his finger out like that I involuntarily clench my PVC muscles. #DNC € #
  • lmfao!! #current2012 “@yayponies: RT @michelleisawolf: Bill Clinton could sell a plastic bag full of veal to a vegan in Portland.” #
  • this wins. #Current2012 “@heyprofbow: Y'all, #BillClinton is totally #HeyGirl #039;ing the Independents.” #
  • People w charisma often freestyle “@maddow: Pres Clinton departing frequently from his prepared remarks. Riffing and riffing and riffing.” #
  • totes “@anildash: Bill Clinton is that rapper whose rhymes are all written out, but drops lines like he's free styling all the time.” #
  • lmfaoooo #current2012 “@SaraJBenincasa: UncleDaddy will hit on your wife at your own party. UncleDaddy don't give a fuck. #DNC € #
  • pretty much “@EvilSlutClique: I'm just going to go way out on a limb and say it: Democrats are way cooler than Republicans. #DNC2012 € #
  • lmao #DNC1012 #Current2012 “@tadfriend: Obama burns for America; Clinton lusts for it.” #
  • lmao “@questlove: .....Wait!!! Bill was flirtin!!! That's Game!!!!!! #DNC € #
  • +100000 “@ckanal: "We believe that we're all in this together is a far better philosophy than you're on your own." -Bill Clinton #DNC2012 € #
  • lmaooo “@Hnics85: Bill Clinton gonna get somebody pregnant in bathroom at a Charlotte Golden Corral tonight #DNC2012 € #
  • +1 “@lianamaeby: I can't be the only one hoping Bill Clinton rips off his shirt and performs the saxophone solo from The Lost Boys.” #
  • +1 x 100 “@JenGranholm: LOVE it: "I want a man who had the good sense to marry Michelle Obama!" - Bill Clinton #DNC2012 #Current2012” #
  • Two things: Bill Clinton will always be Mr. Charisma <3 & #DNC1012 what happened to the great music from yesterday? Please fix tomorrow :) #
  • love it “@jopiazza: Trotting out the Bain employees is a bold move. I like it. #Current2012 #DNC2012” #
  • amazing “@Tamar_kali: Talking about a smoking gun! Geez Louise. 1st person testimony on Mitt's itchy trigger finger. #DNC #msnbc” #
  • Supervising 18+ moderators again today = putting on my cheerleading/hall monitor/conflict resolution hats on ;) #
  • yup “@TheChalkOutline: @dcap Leave the newsroom? It's unfortunate that reporters have to be reminded of that #wjchat € #
  • THIS, what @POCZineProject is 4 me “@ianhillmedia A4 Go offline. Leave the newsroom. Spend time meeting people in their community #wjchat € #
  • ! “@EvilSlutClique: Native Americans for Obama signs shown in the crowd as Denise Juneau speaks. #DNC2012 € #
  • Exactly. My mom is fluent in Spanish. I am not. I'm still Latina “@cheekyattitude: @dcap That always kills me -Language is not hereditary!” #
  • then yr a fake white person ;) according to crazy logic “@goodyerin: @dcap I don't speak Gaelic. Shocking, I know.” #
  • +1 “@suzy_ex: @dcap ~Spanish is the language of the colonizer~ but yeah, there is no monolithic Latin@ identity, read Borderlands people!” #
  • re: Julian Castro, If u care about facts, then u know the complicated facets of Latinos/assimilation/Spanish speaking. Read a book y'all. #
  • +1 “@Jewyorican: @dcap ironic since many of them advocate for an English only society, and accuse Latinos of refusing to assimilate.” #
  • I'm not fluent in Spanish & I'm a proud Latino, just like Julian Castro. I dare you to tell me I'm a fraud or not real. Try me. Waiting. #
  • Wow, racists & ignoramuses saying Julian Castro is a fraud because he's not fluent in Spanish. You can B Latino & not speak Spanish, duh. #
  • NYC Folk: Want to make $20/hr cash Sept 10 - 14 being a photo assistant? Are you sane + reliable and female-identified? DM me yr email. #
  • LOL that whenever I say something real, I lose followers. It has been a pleasure to lose you. And hi an <3 to those still following. #
  • I mean, I <3 a confident guy. But if your confidence comes from seeing all women as your personal secretary/fuck hole, you got problems kid. #
  • Manifestations of male privilege in my life will never stop cracking me up. Used to piss me off, now I just laugh + keep it moving. #
  • SO EXCITED RT @POCZineProject ZINE EVENT: Tx to @alanakumbier + others, we'll be at #Wellesley on Sept 14 <3 Details: #
  • True "@BurnettRM: Rita Moreno in WEST SIDE STORY was easily one of the sexiest women in all of Cinema history.” #
  • lmao “@140elect: #AreYouBetterOff cost the RNC $120,000+ to promote, and isn't working out well for them.” #
  • Damn my #flotus got me so hype about everything I ALMOST went to a baseball game near work but then remembered I hate sports #magicalspeech #
  • LOL <3 “@DJStylus: "And now, I shall float away on a cloud of MAC powder, rose water mist and shea butter. God Bless America." - #FLOTUS € #
  • making maid throw them “@robfields: !! RT @chrisrockoz: Ann Romney is throwing dishes @ TV right now & screaming #AreYouBetterOff #DNC2012” #
  • Annnnd I'm spent. FLOTUS @MichelleObama, you almost made me cry at work. *wipes away #boss tears* #DNC12 #current2012 #
  • lmao THIS “@jjpolitics: #truthbomb RT @UsaSlumdog: Winning!: "They got Nikki Minaj, we got MICHELLE #OBAMA quot; @RCooper1014” #
  • THIS “@theChrisDavila: FLOTUS: When you walk through the door of opportunity, "you do not slam it shut behind you." #DNC2012 #Current2012 #
  • lmao “@ThePresObama: Shit, I'm voting for Michelle in November. #DNC #DNC2012” #
  • +1 “@dorianwarren: To b honest, Michelle is smarter & a more natural politician than her husband. She'll be around a long time. #justsayin € #
  • Yeah, my FLOTUS has more charisma and dignity in her exquisite biceps than the entire population at the #RNC2012 #
  • lmao “@BritniDWrites: Was that a heckler or did somebody catch the Holy Ghost? #DNC2012 € #
  • how a #boss does it #current2012 “@drgrist: Jesus. This speech has left the Romneys in smoldering ruins without once mentioning them.” #
  • My FLOTUS is a #boss who defies description #humblebragz #Current2012 #
  • sawy “@moth: My feed is so full of professions of love for @MichelleObama I can't even keep up with it. Trying to watch her speak, people!” #
  • LOL #current2012 “@1bobcohn: Finally! A GIF of Julian Castro's daughter flipping her hair.” #
  • It used to bother me that people didn't/don't read me as Latina/Chicana. Now I just focus on being best me I can be & my ppl know who I am. #
  • *braces* “@baratunde: this crowd is going to completely lose its shit when michelle obama appears. brace yourselves #dnc2012 € #
  • hurry up Internet “@courtneyesmith: I want to see Tumblr gifs of Castro's adorable daughter flapping her hair around in 5 mins or less.” #
  • THIS “@heavenrants: "the best time to say “real women are [insert adjective here]” is never"” #
  • +1 “@palafo: Noted: Gay marriage has been an unabashed applause line in multiple speeches. #dnc2012 € #
  • +1 “@BonafideRojas: the american dream is not a race, its a relay... @JulianCastro” #
  • lol #Current2012 “@anildash: The important thing about Julian Castro is, SCREW THAT GUY FOR ONLY BEING A YEAR OLDER THAN ME.” #
  • The music at the #DNC12 is also 10x better than what was going on at the #RNC lol ... #musicsnob #Current2012 #
  • Lilly Ledbetter: #boss #Current2012 #
  • indeed “@walterbiscardi: Paralyzed woman walks with the help of exoskelton suit. #ScienceIsAWESOME € #
  • hahaaa I love garlic “@theAmberShow: Just ate a TON of raw garlic. #SingleLady € #
  • A great litmus test for crazy is how often someone persists w Twitter DMs instead of calling or a sending an email after that is requested. #
  • I'm very happy that my Twitter stream right now is a combo of people talking about Trina, video games & feminism. #
  • yaaaay! “@freshalina: Let me go to bed. I will turn Twitter into Trina appreciation hour.” #
  • 2/2 I love that I've reached a point where I can feel equally comfortable in both SF & NYC & have support networks. Took a lot of work+time. #
  • I've been having the best time in the bay area. Now that I'm older & don't really drink, I don't care that everything closes early. 1/2 #
  • Today I went to Oakland Pride & met some folks from Bay Area Rock Camp For Girls. We're going 2 discuss a @POCZineProject collaboration <3 #
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