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  • +1 “@IssaRae: I'm so mad at the PYRAMIDS video! Ugh! I wanted so much more than naked strippers for my favorite song!” #
  • +1 “@GeekGirlCon: Wikipedia, Your Gender Bias is Showing via @The_MarySue” #
  • I’m not Hispanic, I’m Chicana, but I <3 this “@BoricuaTimes PBS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month @LatinoLA” #
  • Cool! Love what I see “@Marthalicia: Painted infront of a live audience with James Shields!” #
  • +1 “@tinabeenawargz: "Nobody feels like an adult. It's the world's dirty secret." #LiberalArts @joshradnor @IFCFilms” #
  • awesome! congrats “@heavenrants: And it begins! #LiveFromNY #SNL @nbcsnl @nbcuinterns” #
  • oooo! “@heavenrants: WOW! "Harlem Renaissance Novel by Claude McKay Is Discovered" - NYTimes” #
  • lmao “@EvilSlutClique: Overheard at #ccon "All good sex storie start with 'you know when you go to Ikea'"” #
  • THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH ACHOOO <3 #nowplaying HA HA HA by Shady Hawkins cc #
  • 3/3 my point is that knowing the role of yr own choices in yr life empowers U to B flexible, to adapt. to thrive. to be available 4 others. #
  • 2/3 My mom is also a small business owner & adjusted her budget during recession 4 many reasons. She was able to keep all her employees. #
  • If my mom hadn’t drastically changed her spending habits, the recession wd have been worse for her. She made good choices. 1/3 #
  • 3/3 the recession made me more aware of not only gov corruption but human greed & consumerism destroying lives. Ppl spending way too much. #
  • 2/3 My mom has a hawk’s eye for deals & saved her $ however she could, made many sacrifices to remain a homeowner. Very inspiring. #
  • My mom dealt w recession by selling her house & moving into an apartment to save money. She recently bought her retirement home. 1/3 #
  • Good morning <3 What are you up to today? #
  • sounds like a cool horror movie “@natashavc: Tyrannical white women with the warmth of raptors.” #
  • .@Aj_Howell I like your blog :) in reply to Aj_Howell #
  • mmmmm, yes I do *drools* RT @Aj_Howell: @ShaunnaPsyched @dcap visited Canada years ago and she still craves our ketchup chips” #
  • .@bondgyrl punk music+ethos already informs many aspects of culture today. w/out that influence, punk wouldn't be a new option 2day vs 70s. #
  • .@bondgyrl argh twitter is doing something weird with my tweets :/ sorry. i'll try to finish my thought in upcoming tweet: #
  • .@bondgyrl 2/2 punk philosophy as an antidote to consumer culture also is something kids are just discovering today, but 3/4 #
  • .@bondgyrl Let me clarify: kids are still discovering "punk" for the first time today. but often that is commerciallized alterna junk 1/2 #
  • It would not. RT @bondgyrl What if punk emerged today, instead of in 1977? interesting question via @wired please share your thoughts #
  • Conflict will never go away. It's part of life. So when it appears, you are not a failure, this is an opportunity to grow. Keep going <3 #
  • Poor Suzy! I tried 2 take a pic but he moved. “@suzy_ex: @dcap YES IT SMELLS LIKE A TOILET AND THIS DUDE IS TRYIN TO SNUGGLE AHHHHH” #
  • My BFF Julia B., who was on the @POCZineProject panel @ #Wellesley w me 2day, agrees that this BoltBus back 2 NYC smells like stinky butts. #
  • lol “@doctorparadox: OH: "i'm buysexual. If you buy me something, I get sexual."” #
  • +1 “@EvilSlutClique: "I wanna be known as the Susan B. Anthony of the sexual revolution" - @mariafalzone #ccon € #
  • .@corvida inspiring 4 the kids: @erondu You’re Young. I’m 18. So what? - The Industry #
  • .@TaylerSometimes We spend most of our lives unpacking & healing from the damage of harmful hierarchies. All people but especially POC. in reply to TaylerSometimes #
  • .@TaylerSometimes Yes because we are born into social constructs w/out our permission. We R conditioned from birth to conform 2 hierarchies. in reply to TaylerSometimes #
  • Do it! <3 “@TaylerSometimes: My teacher said I could never start a decentralized school, finna prove him wrong.” #
  • true “@MrBailey2u: @StaxxFifth bruh I was on here when it was just #whitetwitter white people tweeting all day... My has time changed lls” #
  • Pulling into south station in Boston finally, woo! #wellesley cc @alanakumbier #
  • best kind “@kthalps: I got a fist bump for Mekai, 2 years old, on the 6 train. He made it an exploding fist bump. #FB € #
  • lmao cc @corvida “@Ratchet2English: If 👏 every 👏 time 👏 she 👏 says 👏 a 👏 word 👏 she 👏 claps 👏 #SheRatchet € #
  • lmao! sharing w @corvida “@Ratchet2English: How do U photoshop yourself & still be ugly? That's like cheating on test and still failing.” #
  • lmao “@Ratchet2English: White Kid: Shut up mom! Mom: *Shuts Up* Black Kid: Shut up mom! *Wakes up* Where am I? Doctor: Intensive care.” #
  • lmao “@Ratchet2English: "I need a boyfriend" No, you WANT a boyfriend. you NEED water, cause you sound thirsty as fuck. #SheRatchet € #
  • U had a perfectly good phone & claim U can’t afford 2 donate $ to help struggling families #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho #
  • this “@Kweena_: Your kids ain’t got new school clothes or school supplies #ButUGotThatiPhone5Tho € #
  • I <3 that “@shananaomi dear exceedingly fresh/clean-smelling man behind me @ Starbucks: TY 4 the impromptu, calming aromatherapy. carry on” #
  • Smart “@mediagazer: BuzzFeed Hires Web Video Pioneer Ze Frank (@pkafka / AllThingsD)” #
  • .@alanakumbier that shd be fine, we shd all take care of transferring files right when we arrive. thanks :) in reply to alanakumbier #
  • .@flygirlblog Hi! In Bmore Oct 6? My @POCZineProject tour has an event that day: in reply to flygirlblog #
  • LMAO “@suzy_ex: HAHA ON WHAT PLANET RT @YahooNews: Romney: "Middle-income" between $200K and $250K:” #
  • .@alanakumbier @suzy_ex TY :) we’re on our way, an hour behind. I called R ride, we’re working it out. Shd be there on time but super close. in reply to alanakumbier #
  • Where is the outrage from the @amandapalmer volunteers? I don’t see it. They seem just fine. Maybe ppl should respect their choice? #
  • Not all of @amandapalmer’s backup musicians are volunteer. Payment varies by city. Those volunteering enjoy it. What’s the problem? #
  • 4 hour bus ride to #wellesley = lotso @dcap tweets. Sorry y’all but I gotta :P #
  • By the moooon & the stars in the skyyyyy “@maura_lyrics: I’M GIVIN’ YOU EVERYTHING, ALL THAT JOY CAN BRING THIS I SWEARRRR” #
  • :/ “@onthemedia: After much legal wrangling, Twitter hands over occupy protestor's tweets to a New York judge.” #
  • #siri = boracha “@REMEZCLA: Not a typo #Siri can make mean #margarita now, just n time 4 #Mexican #IndependenceDay ->” #
  • #fashion question: have you ever been to or hosted a clothing swap? what was it like? #
  • Cool! “@thelampnyc: Register for this year's Digital Waves Festival--we will see you there!” #
  • .@suzy_ex I was in a car accident & may miss this bus. Will u DM me yr # do I can give it Julia ASAP? I’ll figure out travel, take the bus #
  • .@goodglobalcitiz I can’t DM you, will email you later. in reply to goodglobalcitiz #
  • West side highway, please be kind. Your evil twin the FDR has given me heart palpitations. The Warrio of highways. #
  • nads not that sexeh? “@MsMichelle: Why didn't Prince Philip's upskirt/kilt shots get this kind of attention?” #
  • .@goodglobalcitiz I should be but I can confirm after today, on the road <3 in reply to goodglobalcitiz #
  • 2/2 Sometimes u must create yr own job when the market doesn’t have what u need. This concept frightens some ppl but it’s true. WIT 2 thrive #
  • 1/2 Final thoughts: Some ppl think entrepreneurship is just 4 the wealthy & white. Not true. I know POC who started businesses with no $. #
  • 2/2 If U R unwilling 2 adapt, 2 learn new skills (many free online resources) & refuse 2 network, yr making it easy 4 companies 2 ignore u. #
  • I know that it’s more than despair that keeps many people unemployed. Racism, classism, sexism & other prejudices are barriers. BUT - 1/2 #
  • 3/3 Stopping a job search out of despair is not the solution. Changing your strategy is. Only stop temporarily to improve your strategy. #
  • 2/3 In ‘05 I didn’t have a degree, was new to NYC w/ no contacts in media & applied to 300 jobs in one month alone. Two called, I got one. #
  • An @nprnews article said more people are giving up their job hunt because they’re “discouraged.” I get that, but giving up earns $0. 1/2 #
  • I have to be up soon anyway :) & seasonal #insomnia “@NiteStar: @dcap What are you doing awake? o_O” #
  • 2/2 My advice 2 all ppl who email me about employment=never stop teaching yourself new skills, diversify your network & practice self care. #
  • 1/2 In 2010 I tried 2 convince my unemployed exec friend 2 create an online presence & portfolio. 2 years later she’s just starting that. #
  • 2/2 I am lucky I have a staff gig w benefits but when I didn’t I was teaching myself new skills & relentlessly applying & networking. #
  • Past 4 years prove it: having a degree doesn’t guarantee employment. If U aren’t always adapting/learning new skills, you can’t compete 1/2 #
  • You better believe that @buzzfeed et al will have the best #iPhone5 cray cray tweets. It’s funny how sites make $ on public cray outbursts. #
  • I’m just having #insomnia fun, #iPhone5 lovers. It’s your money. But these tweets are hilarious, especially the very angry ones. #
  • Imagine trying to tell an iPhone addict to calm down about #iPhone5 pre-order drama. The look on their face. Yr welcome. #
  • lmao at how not being able to pre-order an #iPhone5 has made people #ragequit Twitter for the night in a series of despair tweets #
  • 1/3 “@JamesAmazing: Got my pre-order in black 64GB. #Apple #iPhone5 go big or go home” #
  • Here are my top 3 favorite #iPhone5 tweets. Ready? … #
  • Having fun watching everyone freak out about #iPhone5 #
  • gender roles zzz “@GoodGuyGuide: Always give yr girlfriend more than she gives U. U are the man, the provider. Keep that status with her.” #
  • lulz “@MoreSarcasm: Yo Momma so ugly, even Hello Kitty said goodbye.” #
  • heehee “@TIME: JFK airport workers caught stealing 100,000 tiny bottles of booze | (via @TIMENewsFeed)” #
  • lol! *thinking about the possibility of people doing that* “@theanthonyking: Can’t wait to read my tweets to my grandchildren.” #
  • lmao “@susanorlean: Buying printer ink. Having your face ripped off. What's the difference?” #
  • no “@ActionGroup0502: @dcap Want 2 make a DIFFERENCE this election? Click profile link & use Invite Code: 8321 2 join exlclusive community” #
  • +1 “@louisvirtel: Call me a radical, but I think we'd all like it if Obama addressed the nation as "girl." #DNC € #
  • +1 lol “@ixSEANxi: You could swap a baby mummy with a burrito and the mummy parents would never know stupid mummies” #
  • that would be amazing “@IssaRae: I want to rap to a sample of the Lucy theme song.” #
  • I like how I curate my own comedy show on @twitter at hours I should be sleeping & then comment on my own choices. #
  • lmao “@sbellelauren: if i could eat dinner with anyone living or dead i'd pick all dead because hahaha more food for me” #
  • +1 “@thechrisarmy: They should make a morning after pill for voice mails.” #
  • lmaoooo “@MrHoratioSanz: Some fat dude in a giant SUV asked if I had any money. When I said no, he retorted, "Eat my farts".” #
  • lmfao “@pattonoswalt: "Hey, I provided the back story for Magneto. Does history at least give me THAT?" -- pouty nerd Hitler” #
  • +1 “@pattonoswalt: Every dumbass statement Romney's made? He was well-rested & alert. Now imagine him bleary, roused at 3am, in a crisis.” #
  • #gentlelaugh “@pattonoswalt: Sorting my throw pillows by "snuggability" is all the excitement I need, thank you. #gentleTweets € #
  • !! “@harryallen: I Tried 2 Be Quiet. [HP] Woman Finds Ex-BF Living In Her Attic Over 12 Years After They Broke Up” #
  • It always amuses me when @youtube celebs get really excited about being on “real” tv. #
  • lmao “@bigoletitties: #gleeisback AN #WITEPPL IZ JIZZIN INDEY **PANT** ~SMMFH~” #
  • +1 “@STACEYNIGHTMARE: My sex noises disturb nesting shorebirds.” #
  • Sometimes, late at night when my brain is fried from work/project stuff, all I want to do is RT hilarious shit. @dcap, proceed. Will do. #
  • lmao “@IamEnidColeslaw: gonna chug ipecac then terrorize everyone in this Hollister RT @McDonalds Almost lunchtime! What’s every1 having?” #
  • lmao “@IamEnidColeslaw: Sneeze Guards should be buff men who dress in armor & punch you in the face when you get too close to the food” #
  • I’m not even an @amandapalmer fan but I respect the hell out of her response to the volunteer controversy: #
  • .@amandapalmer’s fans want 2 play backup 4free on her tour. She’s not cheap4 doing this. Look @ tour costs breakdown: #
  • Excellent <3 “@kwadkins: @dcap working on self-care!” #
  • So, what are you all working on right now? Ideally you wouldn't be working ;P but since we are, what's up? <3 #
  • It's frustrating when ppl who are usually in your corner throw nonsense on your plate during the worst possible time. C'est la vie. #
  • These days I've been appreciating what Steve Jobs went through as a leader. He had high standards+wasn't afraid to take calculated risks. #
  • 14 hour day! sometimes it happens! goodnight, twitterz. i'm spent. #
  • Each day I resist the urge to tweet horrible things to @MittRomney. Urge is especially strong today. #
  • TY for sharing this <3 RT @ainaabiodun @dcap check out tawesome @nualacabral open letter to @UMG CEO Lucien Grainge: #
  • EXCITED RT @POCZineProject Don't miss our #poczine partner @careyfuller on @HuffPostLive 9/12/12 at 12pm EST! More: #
  • ! RT @LanceWeiler: Teaching @Columbia. Part lecture/lab - we'll be building an immersive storytelling experience. #
  • TBH, I wasn’t very interested in actively analyzing/discussing politics until 9/11. After that I started paying more attention. #neverforget #
  • I was on the highway in Northern Cali when I 1st realized, via news radio. At work we watched the news all day, ppl prayed. #neverforget #
  • I watched Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, on the plane yesterday. It was campy & had a great soundtrack. It got really silly at the end. #
  • I love these “@webjournalist: Track how The xx's new album goes viral starting with one fan: #coexist € #
  • I would rather lose all 2k+ of my followers than not share my perspective on current issues. I’m not here to win a popularity contest :) #
  • Jay-Z is not untouchable. Neither is #ows But Jay-Z’s not the mayor of NYC or sicking his army on POC. Let’s protest that some more, yeah? #
  • Google it :) “@ShaunaReporter: @lyneka @dcap srry to crash this tweet. People are wanting to boycott Jay Z because of his #OWS comments?” #
  • Again, I’m not defending Jay-Z. I’m questioning the effectiveness of further dividing #ows supporters over petty comments thru a protest. #
  • U & many others I’m sure. “@lyneka: @dcap But, then again, I have a host of issues with Jay-Z that go well beyond his comments about #OWS ” #
  • I agree. However, that’s not always the case. “@lyneka: @dcap I think people have the capability to multitask when it comes to activism.” #
  • Again, I’ve lost some followers for speaking my mind and that is fine. I didn’t join Twitter to preach to the choir. Discourse is useful. #
  • 2/2 Jay-Z was speaking on real issues affecting the 99% for years. He’s not an idiot. Protesting his request for clarity=waste of time, IMHO #
  • I am in no way defending Jay-Z 4 speaking 2 the press b4 he took an hour to self educate on #ows but I won’t support a boycott. 1/2 #
  • Often slacktivism takes the form of boycotting celebrities for the dumb things they say. It’s easier 2 do that then actually work 1:1 w ppl. #
  • Here’s my POV: instead of boycotting Jay-Z, which won’t change anything, I’m going to cont. to serve those in need thru direct action. #
  • That’s your right. “@lyneka: @dcap I support boycotting Jay-Z and I’m not a member of #OWS and I”m definitely a person of color.” #
  • 4/4 it’s counterproductive & privileged tactics like protesting Jay-Z that discredit the #ows movement & alienate POC, IMHO. #
  • 3/4 however #ows protesting Jay-Z is such a useless act of privilege out of touch w real needs that I am face palming x 100. #
  • 2/2 I think Jay-Z’s questions are valid but he cd have answered them himself by doing a little research. cont 3/4 #
  • The complicated part about #ows but also the liberating part, is there isn’t one message. That’s hard for black/white thinkers to grasp 1/2 #
  • .@jaysonrodriguez Protesting Jay-Z doesn’t make any sense-waste of time. I’m not happy w his comments or how #ows is responding. Face palm. in reply to jaysonrodriguez #
  • My gf @corvida looks great in them :) “@SusanFogarty Google Glass looks dorky even on supermodels” #
  • <3 thank you “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap ok, let me know if you need advice” #
  • Nope! Never been “@goodglobalcitiz: @dcap have you been before? Its my fav city. I go all the time” #
  • .@JenniferAnise You were in Wisconsin? Hai in reply to JenniferAnise #
  • I suddenly just became so hungry at the airport that my stomach feels like a bucket of piranhas. #
  • cool “@laureltouby: Looking for seed capital? Try the 2013 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition. Details at” #
  • *pancakes cheers* “@theChrisDavila: @dcap Pancakes were delish! Happy Sunday and here's to a productive week!” #
  • Thank YOU “@MhairiMcF: @sharnajackson @dcap thank you! x” #
  • I’ve been thinking about going to London in December to connect w POC & allies 4 @POCZineProject. If I can get funding/time off, I’ll do it. #
  • I know plenty of women of color who are incredible feminists in their words & deeds but refuse label of feminist & I don’t judge. I get it. #
  • Nevertheless, I refuse 2let handful of white women in denial re: privilege deny me my feminist identity. It’s mine & I draw strength from it #
  • Sometimes being a POC feminist feels like what I can only imagine it feels like to be a gay republican. Welcome/not welcome/never the same. #
  • At airport contemplating my feminist identity & how I work hard2not say “fuck it” & abandon it when white feminists go HAM w white privilege #
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