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  • drool “@adriarichards: Chorizo and eggs with black beans and pickled cabbage #webrunchhard @ Boogaloos” #
  • .@SoyChaiLatte I would actually consider that type of yoga. Oh Cali, so many things to heart. in reply to SoyChaiLatte #
  • Up super early on a Sunday, making a to do list for today. What’s happening to me??? ;) #
  • Besides picking up our tour vehicle, all I did yesterday was nap & then cook a whole chicken while dancing to music. It was glorious. #
  • share that beat of love/I want to rock with you/all night/dance you into/sunlight #
  • last time I drove hug vehicle through NYC was '05, when I was a PA. In 3 hours I'm picking up @poczineproject tour vehicle AH! #gospeedracer #
  • "sometimes i give myself the creeps/sometimes my mind plays tricks on me" #nowplaying #dookie #
  • What's better: a boring, predictable life - or an exciting, sometimes very stressful life? I choose the latter. Nothing is perfect. #
  • <3 “@bakadesuyo: You need to have a lot of fun to get even with life - old Spanish expression” #
  • TRUE “@venusxGG: When you talk shit you swallow it too. That's nasty.” #
  • lol “@alyankovic: I stand corrected - a mammogram is NOT a message delivered by a topless woman.” #
  • mmm bagels “@corvida: @lynneluvah energy bagels? Never heard of those” #
  • I'm headed to @Current's studio in midtown today to help the folks working on @JoyonCurrent + @CurrentSpitzer. #
  • Wow! TY! <3 RT @taniaishungry @dcap been following yr work 4 a while & luv what U R building, esp w/ poczine! yr tenacity is inspirational! #
  • I share info about my life + career choices on @twitter bcuz people ask me to, & because I've learned so much from others who do the same. #
  • I built my career by taking calculated risks & having t audacity 2 believe that I was capable of fulfilling my dreams. So far it's working. #
  • Creating @poczineproject =something I wish I had the courage 2 do 8yrs ago instead of in 2010, it has brought so many blessings in2 my life. #
  • 2/2 It's true though. I wd have thought maybe 1 or 2, but not 7 universities. By end of '12 I will be a university speaker vet ;) #DREAMBIG #
  • If U had told me last year "@dcap, in 2012 in total yr gonna speak at 7 universities & get paid for it" I wld have said YOU CRAZY MAYNE! 1/2 #
  • I heart pumpkin ale RT @suzy_ex Fall is the best. I want pumpkin everything. I am a pumpkin. #
  • twitta, twitta, chicken dinna #
  • Great night of BBQ chicken, margaritas, videogames, free books & lulz <3 #selfcare #
  • Downtowwwwwn/everything’s waiting for youuuuuuuuu #
  • yaaaay <3 “@pennymisandry: omg you guys i told my mom i was gay and she was all ‘chelsey i’m yr mom i love you no matter whaaaaaat’” #
  • A very long recap of what I've been up to in 2012 #
  • <3 rad! RT @goodglobalcitiz @dcap in 2011, 93percent of 's funding went directly 2 our educational programming/mission in reply to goodglobalcitiz #
  • 5/5 I'm not saying gov funded nonprofits are bad. I'm saying setting up yr org 2rely solely on gov. funding w/out other support isn't wise. #
  • 4/4 2) Why wd u/nonprofit opt into a paradigm where if the gov pulls funds, your entire org crumbles+services vanish? Final thought: 5/5 #
  • 3/4 1) why wd u set up yr infrastructure so that when gov funding runs out, you are immobilized by lack of gov funds? + 2) cont. 4/4 #
  • 2/2 I'm also wary of nonprofits that say can't serve community @ all when their gov funding runs out. A few questions come 2 mind: cont. 3/4 #
  • I'm wary of nonprofits that spend more $ on keeping staff employed+on admin overhead than actually serving community they formed 2 serve 1/2 #
  • Hm! “@hardlynormal: Forbes 400: Help Wanted - I'm Hiring Homeless Women In Detroit - Forbes” #
  • ooo! “@Filmbot: Canon 7D finally hacked by Magic Lantern team . Whats old is new again.” #
  • Completed and submitted my application for a @BronxArts artist grant. I will now go bug @corvida until she pays attention to me. #bossmoves #
  • Updated my header/cover image for @twitter. It's like MySpace but less control over layout! Wee! It's 2002 for me all over again. #
  • My cat just climbed into the oven after I cleaned it #
  • +1 “@Res Oct 11 i start my residency @ DROM in NYC! I will B performing there 1x per month showing bits of my Documentary- u down NYC/NJ?” #
  • lol “@corvida: latest Twitter profile change=not big. Headers have been around since LiveJournal ruled the nets. Welcome back 2 the 90s.” #
  • hm! “@TakePart: A Real-Life #HungerGame Aims to Teach College Kids About Feeding the World.” #
  • lmao “@Toure: Romney says he'd have an easier time winning election if his father was born to Mexican parents. #Wow € #
  • .@ampersandrea Hi! Email me & I’ll send you the MI event invites: daniela@dcapmedia.con :) in reply to ampersandrea #
  • 2/2 No matter what happens I know that I can always rely on myself, but it’s wonderful to know I have supportive friends. Especially today. #
  • On my birthday (Sept 29) I will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan, doing 2 events for @POCZineProject tour, w friends who support me & my dreams 1/2 #
  • Putting all yr eggs int2 1 basket w/out 1st securing a reliable revenue stream 2 sustain u in the process=creating yr own financial hardship #
  • Hispanic Heritage Month=many news sites bldg in2 editorial calendar @ last minute. Evidence: +short form, little/no long form+interactive. #
  • Is GIFing yourself still a faux pas in some circles? #
  • piano & bass guitar, but in my dreams I’m 100x better “@adriarichards: @dcap wow! That’s amazing! Do u play instruments in real life too?” #
  • :O @MsAllisonAnders is following me on @Twitter??? OMG. #geekingout #
  • .@adriarichards I can’t read letters in my dreams either. I often sing and play musical instruments very well though. in reply to adriarichards #
  • To all ppl responding 2 #ows by saying “go shower & get a job”: I’d rather listen 2 a stank unemployed person than yr ignorant sheeple ass. #
  • #respect “@HighNye: The sun is freakin awesome, but ya'll knew that, takin no sick days shinin 24/7, respect.” #
  • lmfao! new fave parody twitter “@HighNye: Just thought about how fast a cheetah-hawk hybrid would be and now I'm amped as shit.” #
  • “A couple of light years can’t keep good friends apart” - Wesley Crusher #TNG #truestorybro #
  • lmao!!! “@Thuckster69: Captain's log, stardate 45836.4. Wesley Crusher is a little prick.” #
  • ST:TNG - Wesley Crusher just figured out the entire crew is addicted to a brainwashing game. Fight it!! Aw yeaaah, Data to the rescue, kid. #
  • I'm learning to show myself compassion, to be kinder to myself. My biggest critic has always been me. #
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Explore Daniela Capistrano’s original writing and reporting.